The Joy of Childhood

This blog post is a little different to normal.  Its about something close to my heart – and I’m not talking about buy ultram 100mg my beloved Nikon D700!

I’m talking about someone who’s brightened up my world over the last few years.  There is a great Ralph Waldo Emerson quote about children – he says “A child is a curly, dimpled lunatic” .. and that is certainly true of many children not least my own.  Being a parent helps me to photograph children as I have an insight into their world – the things they find funny, the things that make them express pure joy; pure awe; pure craziness !

So here is a little photographic account of that world …..

My daughter has an obsession with sausages – eating them; talking about them – she even does an excellent impersonation of a sausage.  She recently told me that “her brain is made of sausages and they dance around in her head”.  She also buys me “panties” every year for my Birthday and Mother’s Day.   She was very pleased with herself recently for biting a biscuit into the exact shape of a pair of pants !

She loves nature and looking at the world around her – every year I take pictures in the bluebell woods to show how much she has grown …..

She is always stopping to pick flowers; find little stones to cherish – the other day she called me upstairs saying “Mummy there’s something beautiful you have to see” .. she was right – an incredible bright red sunrise filling the sky with colour and wonder….. and she loves Dandelion clocks  – we can’t go for a walk without picking them and counting the numbers.

She likes to pretend she is a Dog  – for large parts of the day !

She’s a bundle of sheer joy, energy and laughter and has reached the age where if she finds something funny she becomes almost helpless with laughter and has to be reminded to breathe !

She loves and adores her older cousins – looking up to them (not least because she is the smallest)

She hasn’t had a lot of choice about being a little model as I’m always taking pictures of her and her friends and cousins etc.etc. but she’s a good little poser …

She’s also perfected a pretty good Zoolander style “Blue Steele” in some of her portraits !

The recent snow we’ve had has looked beautiful but caused no end of distruption and generally been a pain to us adults  – but to a child there could be nothing more exciting than getting a day off school to play in the snow and build snowmen …..

and experience that most fantastic and joyful of pastimes  – making SNOW ANGELS !

Kids can be tiring; draining and challenging – they can be like stroppy little teenagers when they are barely old enough for school – they can correct everything you say and tell you that you are wrong and argue blue is green until the sun goes down.   And then they can give you one of their buy cytotec south africa special cuddles, tell you they love you “to the moon and back again” and say something so totally crazy that it makes you laugh for the rest of the day …….

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