Remote shoots for newborns

Newborn photographer in Milton Keynes baby on flower swing

During the first lockdown I started to do remote shoots for parents, so that they didn’t need to miss out on those really precious images when their newborn baby was tiny. Lockdown was hard in so many ways, not only could because people couldn’t have photoshoots done, but because couldn’t even show their new baby off to friends and family. No handing the baby around for cuddles. So it was wonderful to help parents get some memories to treasure despite the lockdown. These sessions went really well. I guided the parents over video and directed them how to pose themselves and the baby and how to take great images on their phones. I edited the images for them and they got a photography lesson along the way.

During the shoots we took a range of images that could be edited onto digital backgrounds as well as lots of natural lifestyle images. These are a great alternative during lockdowns, or for parents nervous about the virus outside of lockdown or even for parents that really want to learn to take better iphone pictures at home. Please ask about these shoots even when the world is back to normal. All you need is a decent wifi connection, 2 phones, a plain wall and a double bed.

If you would like to have a session over video where you learn a few tips on phone photography these can be done with babies of any age – they don’t have to be under 2 weeks as we can’t recreate the kind of curled up poses only a professional can do in-person. Older babies are great as we get a mixture of open eyed shots and sleepy shots and if they are smiling that’s even better. If this is of interest, contact me on – these shoots are not just for Lockdown.


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