Remote shoots for newborns

Newborn photographer in Milton Keynes baby on flower swing

During the first lockdown I started to do remote shoots for parents, so that they didn’t need to miss out on those really precious images when their newborn baby was tiny. I guided the parents over video and directed them how to pose themselves and the baby and how to take great images on their phones. I edited the images for them and they got a photography lesson along the way. These sessions were really successful and it was lovely to help parents get some special memories at such a difficult time. But these can be done at any time. Perhaps you’ve had a hard time financially and you just can’t afford a professional shoot. Perhaps your or your baby is vulnerable and you are still shielding. Or perhaps you are just nervous to go to a studio or have someone in your home whilst covid is still out there.

Whatever the reason, I can help. During the shoots we take a range of images that can be edited onto digital backgrounds as well as lots of natural lifestyle images. These are a great alternative especially for parents that really want to learn to take better iphone pictures at home. Along the way I teach you lots of tips and your learn about light and angles. All we need is about a hour (though we may need a break to feed the baby), a decent wifi connection, 2 phones, 2 people old enough to work a phone, a plain wall and a double bed.

All the images below were all taken with guidance by the parents on their phones and then edited by me.

If you would like a session get in touch. These cost a flat fee of £80 for around 40 images. If we get tons more good ones you can buy a larger package for £120. Babies don’t have to be under 2 weeks as we can’t recreate the kind of curled up poses only a professional can do in-person. But we do some simple versions of that, but older babies are great as we get a mixture of open eyed shots and sleepy shots and if they are smiling that’s even better. There are a couple of shots I get you to take outside of the shoot when the baby is a good sleep, we don’t always manage to time this perfectly on the video. If this is of interest, contact me on – these shoots are not just for Lockdown.


  1. Rajitha

    I would love to do this

  2. Danielle maxwell

    Just enquiring about the remote shoots for newborns my daughter is 8 weeks old but she still very much new born as she was tiny.
    Just wondering how it works.

  3. Mera

    Please can I have the price of the remote photos option? Thanks


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