Portraits for active sporty families

I love being a family photographer and taking fun relaxed natural images of children and families. If you are an active sporty family then why would you have a static shoot indoors in a studio ? Would that really sum up who you are as a family ? Wouldn’t it be better to get outdoors, run around, get a bit muddy and have some real fun. That way we get images that really do capture the personalities of everyone in the family and the real relationship between you, rather than anything too posed or “stiff” looking.

I find that I do get much more natural images outdoors – I think the fresh air can really help to relax adults as well as children and make them feel a lot less self-conscious. Sometimes when you’ve booked a family shoot there can be a bit of pressure for the kids to behave and people can get a bit stressed out. It’s meant to be a fun experience so I prefer it to feel a bit like the family out doing whatever they’d normally do and I happen to be there with a camera.

There are plenty of fabulous parks around the Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire area so there are no end of fantastic backdrops to choose from. Contact me if you are looking for a family photographer.  Emberton Country Park is one of my favourites. Have a look here.

Here’s a selection of really natural images of kids just being kids. If you’d like to more images of families (and a bit of colour) check out my family memories gallery here

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