Should I do a full shoot or a mini shoot? What is the difference?

This will depend how many images you’d like and the age of the children.  Mini-sessions will give you the same quality images, but you will have fewer to chose from.  Mini-sessions are not suitable for newborn babies, very shy children or very difficult toddlers.  We need longer sessions with breaks and warm up time for these sessions and newborns obviously work differently. Mini-sessions are near Olney Milton Keynes, Full sessions are at your home or location of choice.  There is more information on the difference between these on the information page here

My child has additional needs, should I book a shoot?

Absolutely. But please get in touch and we can have a good talk first so I can put your mind at rest. We can talk through all of your concerns and you can let me know all the relevant details I need to know in advance.  We can then work out the best way to go about the shoot.  We can be outdoors if your child needs to just run around constantly. I can use long lenses if they don’t like people being near them.  We can be at home if they are most comfortable in their own territory with their familiar things around them. We can do the whole shoot as action shots if they are not comfortable making eye contact. All considerations can be dealt with beforehand so the shoot can be managed in the best possible way.

How long are the shoots?

Shoot time will vary depending on the needs of your family.  We may need more breaks and snacks with some children. Or we may change location or have a clothing change.  Newborn shoots take up to about 4 hours allowing for changes and feeds.  Generally full shoots take 1-2 hours, but we will take as long as needed.  I don’t do fixed time slots unless it’s a mini-session – these are only 30 minutes.

How much notice do you need for bookings?

I recommend you book as soon as possible. I travel for shoots so I only do a maximum of 2 shoots a day.  This is so that we don’t have to rush and we have plenty of time to get a great range of images for you.  I don’t book people in one after another, that doesn’t suit my approach.  Mini shoots may be up to 4 families in a day, but even then they are not that close together.   The weekends are obviously the most popular and there are only so many available as I try not to work every Sunday.  I have more flexibility on weekdays and during school holidays.  Newborn sessions are all done on weekdays in the first 2 weeks after the baby is born as these cannot be pre-booked for obvious reasons.

Do I have to be in the photos?

I will not force anyone to be in the photos, but I do love to include parents and grandparents.  Your children will love to look back on images with you in them as they get older.  I know women especially are very self-conscious about how we look in photos but I will always shoot at flattering angles and use some gentle photoshop for tired eyes etc.. I usually talk even the most reluctant into a few by the end of the shoot.

How does the session work if my children don’t behave?

As a parent I know that we worry about this, but my shoots are not formal so this really is not a problem. I won’t expect your children to sit still and pose. The shoots are fun and we all mess around. The children can just play and I will capture images along the way. I don’t want you to stress about anything. Most of my shoots are outdoors which means children can run around and burn off lots of energy. It’s very different to a studio shoot.

What happens if it rains?

I always say that I have weather fairies – I really am very lucky with the weather despite being in England!  Grey miserable looking days are actually absolutely fine for taking pictures.  Obviously if it’s torrential rain and we have planned a shoot at a specific outdoor location we will reschedule, but I do a lot of shoots in people’s homes and gardens so we often pop in and out. It is very rare for me to have to reorganise a shoot date.

I see you do home shoots. Do you bring all the lights and the backdrops with you?

No I don’t use any lights and backgrounds. I am natural light photographer and I shoot in a very natural style.  I will choose ideal locations indoors and outdoors to get the best results.  Everything you see on my website has been taken in someone’s home or outdoors.  I do have a beanbag and some blankets and wraps I use when I shoot newborn sessions, but again these are all done with natural window light.

What should we wear?

Clothing choice definitely makes a difference to how the final images look so I send out some guidelines and suggestions before your shoot. I make sure you have all the information you need beforehand and can talk through any concerns you may have.