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It’s wonderful to meet you I hope you’ll book a photoshoot with me soon .. 

I’m Siobhan – a mobile baby photographer in Milton Keynes. I am also a family portrait photographer.  I do shoots at your home or your chosen location – no need to come to a studio. It’s lovely and relaxed this way. 

There are tons of photographers to choose from and loads of different styles of photography.  So why choose me?  My style is very informal and fun, I won’t spend ages creating the perfect pose, I want to capture personalities and special moments instead. 

So here’s a bit more information about me to help you decide if I am the baby photographer for you or the ideal family photographer to choose.

I just love children, I love being outdoors, I love nature and I love taking photographs.   It’s the perfect combination for a child, family and baby photographer.

Your session will be relaxed and enjoyable – I want it to feel like a fun time with your children rather than a photo shoot.  If we are outdoors, I will use the natural environment to enhance your photographs  .. I particularly love the colours of different seasons.

I am parent myself so I completely understand all the challenges and moods that can come with photographing children.  I won’t expect them to stand still and pose …

… the shoot will be about capturing the connection of all of you as a family and bringing out their individual personalities.  I want the images to be full of happiness and showing the essence of each and every unique member of your family.

I have lots of tricks to get results. I love to mess around during shoots and will occasionally use my “demented mad woman laugh” if I am facing a tough crowd.

I will often sing to make little children smile and stay in one place long enough for a shot – be warned I sing very, very badly.

I love to get a mixture of beautiful portraits and joy-filled action shots.

My aim is to capture the love you have for your children, written all over your face and for the final images to make you smile whenever you look at them.

Being a family and baby photographer in Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas we have so many great locations we can use .. I use my favourite places, but love to find new ones. 

Newborn shoots of course are done at your home so you can change easily, the babies things are to hand and older children don’t have to sit in a studio for hours waiting their turn to be in the photos.

Let’s create some precious memories together soon. 


about me

I love to travel the world and have adventures, I have been lucky enough to visit some incredible places and live in Kenya, Australia and now Milton Keynes foot-in-mouth

I absolutely love to eat sweets .. especially Haribos and Malteasers, but I am extremely bad at sharing them …. ask anyone.

I love being able to sit and watch a sunset or a sunrise, or lie on my back looking at the moon and the stars.

I love to be on the ocean, in the ocean or just looking at it.

I love to share a drink (or several) with friends and laugh until my stomach hurts.

I love to spend my spare time curled up with a good book and I’m currently writing a novel, which is both hard and very exciting.

I can talk a lot and I just love to meet new people, so I’m great at putting everyone at ease and making the shoot really enjoyable.

I look forward to meeting you and creating some beautiful memories for you.


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