Engagement photos Emberton Park

Engagement photos Emberton Park

I recently did this gorgeous Engagement shoot in Emberton Park near Olney. I don’t often do shoots of this kind so it was really lovely and made a change from shooting images of toddlers and newborn babies.

I love to contribute prizes to local charities, auctions and fundraising events whenever I can and this shoot was one of these prizes. This particular fundraiser was for someone locally who was running the London Marathon in support of a couple of local children’s charities in Olney – William Crook’s Brighter Future Fund and Toby’s Trust. Fundraising for charities in the Marathon is a massive task and he really gave it his all raising a fabulous sum in the end.

The lady that purchased this prize in the auction donated the shoot to these lovely members of her family.

Emberton Park is one of my favourite local locations and is a beautiful place to do photoshoots. There are lots of stunning backdrops, reflections in the lake and tons of gorgeous spots to take images. I can honestly say though that this beautiful couple made my task very easy indeed.

I hope you like these and if you’d like an Engagement shoot, a shoot for a special anniversary or a couples shoot “just because” then do get in touch with me for information and I’d love to chat to you.

I hope you enjoy these Engagement photos.

Engagement shoot milton keynes

engagement photos emberton

engagement photos emberton

Engagement shoot milton keynes

Engagement shoot milton keynes

Engagement shoot milton keynes

engagement photos emberton

engagement photos olney

Get in touch on info@siobhanmurphyphotography.co.uk to find out about my current special offers.  If you have a newborn baby or you are pregnant have a look at my dedicated newborn site here.  It’s best to book for newborn shoot before the baby comes along as the shoots are best done in the first two weeks to get those precious shots whilst they are tiny.

Baby Photographer Olney Buckinghamshire

Baby Photographer Olney Buckinghamshire

Did you have a newborn session and you’d love a catch up session with your little one?  Perhaps you were too busy adjusting to parenthood and didn’t get around to having a newborn session, but you’d love some pictures of your baby while they are still so small.

Sessions at a few months old can be fabulous – the baby’s personality is really starting to take shape and they smile and giggle and interact beautifully during a photoshoot.   Us baby photographers have lots of tricks to get the best out of your baby during the session.  At a few months, babies still look really young but are already turning into little people with lots of different moods.  It’s lovely to capture the sparkle in their eyes or their gummy smiles but it can also be great to get some more pensive expressions and more serious faces along the way.

If you are looking to get some family photos then any age is a great age for a shoot – you will get different images depending upon whether the baby is really strong on their front or whether they are starting to sit solidly.  Every age is a great age for a shoot.   And maybe you are looking to include the family pet in the photos … I make no promises here as I am no pet photographer but feel free to suggest it and we will have some fun trying.



It’s lovely with little ones to get a few in just a nappy as they get really excited when they have a bit of freedom from their clothes and I do love to photograph those squidgy arms and legs !


If you’d like a baby shoot please get in touch and benefit from my fabulous Spring Offer – email: info@siobhanmurphyphotography.co.uk.  If you’d like a newborn shoot please go to my dedicated newborn site here.

Christmas Wedding Glatton Peterborough

Christmas wedding Glatton Peterborough.

I don’t often shoot weddings these days but this wonderful Bride and I go back many years and have crossed paths at various significant times in our lives.  So it was such a pleasure to be there  to capture this very special occasion.  We were lucky enough to have a mild winter’s day and the ceremony took place in a gorgeous church in Glatton Village.  Christmas weddings are so lovely – I really love the fact that the Church is decorated for Christmas and people have gorgeous fur wraps on.  There was a fantastic choir singing some beautiful songs and a very personal ceremony filled with special touches and so much love and laughter.  It really was a fabulous day and these two make a gorgeous couple.   Here’s a selection of the pictures from the ceremony.

Wedding photography Glatton_001
Wedding photography Glatton_002
Wedding photography Glatton_003
Wedding photography Glatton_004
Wedding photography Glatton_005

Wedding photography Glatton_006
Wedding photography Glatton_007
Wedding photography Glatton_008
Wedding photography Glatton_009
Wedding photography Glatton_010
Wedding photography Glatton_011
Wedding photography Glatton_012
Wedding photography Glatton_013
Wedding photography Glatton_014
Wedding photography Glatton_015

Wedding photography Glatton_016
Wedding photography Glatton_017
Wedding photography Glatton_018
Wedding photography Glatton_019
Wedding photography Glatton_020
Wedding photography Glatton_021
Wedding photography Glatton_022
Wedding photography Glatton_023
Wedding photography Glatton_024
Wedding photography Glatton_025
Wedding photography Glatton_026
Wedding photography Glatton_027
Wedding photography Glatton_028
Wedding photography Glatton_029
Wedding photography Glatton_030

Wedding photography Glatton_031
Wedding photography Glatton_032
Wedding photography Glatton_033
Wedding photography Glatton_034
Wedding photography Glatton_035
Wedding photography Glatton_036
Wedding photography Glatton_037
Wedding photography Glatton_038
Wedding photography Glatton_039
Wedding photography Glatton_040
Wedding photography Glatton_041

Wedding photography Glatton_042

We took a small handful of family photos and a few of the happy couple before heading into the village hall for some celebratory fizz & cake.

Wedding photography Glatton_043
Wedding photography Glatton_044
Wedding photography Glatton_045
Wedding photography Glatton_046
Wedding photography Glatton_047

Wedding photography Glatton_048
Wedding photography Glatton_049
Wedding photography Glatton_050
Wedding photography Glatton_051
Wedding photography Glatton_052
Wedding photography Glatton_053
Wedding photography Glatton_054
Wedding photography Glatton_055
Wedding photography Glatton_056

Wishing you many, many happy years together.  Congratulations xxx

Childrens photographer Olney Milton Keynes

I’m a children’s photographer based in Olney, Milton Keynes and, before the grammar police jump in, I do actually know how to use apostrophes correctly but google doesn’t like this in blog titles or keywords ….

There are millions of photographers out there so why pick me ?

  1. I genuinely love kids (handy for a childrens photographer) so even if your little angels decide to be uncooperative little gits on the day of the shoot I will win them around.
  2. I will get natural smiles and laughs from your children instead of their standard “camera” face – often it’s the shots between the ones you THINK I’m taking that are the winners.
  3. Although I will “sort of” pose you for some of the shots (if I don’t it can be really untidy looking) they will still look natural I promise.
  4. I will make the experience an enjoyable one and not a stressful one.
  5. I will make sure that the shots are taken in the best  light so you have a fabulous end result regardless of the location/surroundings/challenges during the shoot … little secret – it can take YEARS to learn how to “see the light” properly so pick someone that knows how.
  6. I have not been defeated by a child or a baby in over 10 years of business – your “challenging” toddler is safe in my hands – I am not about to let my unbroken record end.

I specialise in photos of children, families and newborn babies.  I shoot outdoors for as much of the year as possible – I am lucky to be followed around by my personal weather fairies so the weather is nearly always on our side.  I also shoot indoors if you have a brand new baby or if my fairies have taken a quick holiday and it rains (unlikely – I don’t allow much annual leave).

Finally because photography blogs need to be filled with pictures of shoots the photographer has done – here are a few recent ones.

Look at this one – gorgeous kids and even the dog behaved !

photographer olney


This little girl was a total sweetie .. gorgeous little face and lots of fun – cheekiness personified.



I love this little fella – third shoot we have done together since he was a tiny newborn – he just gets cuter and cuter. Are boys allowed to be this pretty ??  Seems like they are !



So I was pretty busy in Spring when the bluebells came out so didn’t blog many bluebell shoots.  I meant to come back to blogging in Summer but well … I went on holiday and enjoyed spending time taking my own family shots instead.  So here’s some oldies from the bluebell season.





Get in touch asap for an Autumn shoot as I’m getting booked up and grandma will want those pictures of her grandchildren for Christmas.  If you have a newborn baby or you are pregnant pop over to my newborn site and check out the stuff I do with the tiny humans. It’s right here.

Family Portraits Emberton Country Park

Family portraits Emberton Country Park

I’m lucky enough to live in a really pretty part of the world, close to some very beautiful parks.  Emberton Country Park is right on my doorstep and is a stunning backdrop for family portraits at all times of the year.

The lake produces some stunning reflections and there are some fabulous play areas and a whole range of gorgeous backdrops all over the park.

Relaxed outdoor family portraits are my favourite type of session, I find that both children and adults are less self-conscious with a bit of fresh air, producing much more natural results.  I take a few posed photographs but mostly we get the children to play with each other and the whole family to mess around together.  When you book your session we can pick a location to suit you near where you live.  Or if you book one of my mini-sessions near Olney these often take place at Emberton Park.   I do sometimes photograph indoors but as I tell all my customers I nearly always manage to shoot outside, regardless of our changeable UK weather, because I have my very own weather fairies !   Cloudy weather is actually great for shoots – much better than really bright sunlight so you don’t need to worry if it’s not a sunny day.  Last year I only cancelled outdoor shoot at the end of November due to rain – not bad for good old rainy England.  Like I say – weather fairies.

Here’s a few images taken from various recent shoots in Emberton par.   I hope you enjoy this sample and get in touch if you’d like a shoot for your family.  I’m getting booked up quickly and now taking bookings for Autumn.  There are a handful of shoots available on Saturdays over the summer – and more flexibility if you can do a weekday shoot.