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Family Portraits Rickmansworth Aquadrome

Family Portraits Rickmansworth Aquadrome

My favourite images are outdoor location photos – I also shoot indoors when babies are newborns but whenever possible I prefer to use the environment as my backdrop.  We are lucky to have so many beautiful parks and areas of woodland to access all over the country.  When I am shooting family images in Hertfordshire, the Aquadrome in Rickmansworth is a great place to visit.

Having lots of beautiful scenery is fabulous to create beautiful images but it’s also good to take active kids to a park so they can run around and I can get some gorgeous natural images of them playing.

This shoot was extra special as it featured double twins !  They were taken around their 1st and 5th birthdays respectively.

Hope you like these gorgeous family portraits at the Rickmansworth Aquadrome.

Rickmansworth Aquadrome photos_0001
Rickmansworth Aquadrome photos_0002
Rickmansworth Aquadrome photos_0003
Rickmansworth Aquadrome photos_0004
Rickmansworth Aquadrome photos_0005
Rickmansworth Aquadrome photos_0006
Rickmansworth Aquadrome photos_0007
Rickmansworth Aquadrome photos_0008
Rickmansworth Aquadrome photos_0009
Rickmansworth Aquadrome photos_0010
Rickmansworth Aquadrome photos_0011
Rickmansworth Aquadrome photos_0012
Rickmansworth Aquadrome photos_0013
Rickmansworth Aquadrome photos_0014
Rickmansworth Aquadrome photos_0015
Rickmansworth Aquadrome photos_0016
Rickmansworth Aquadrome photos_0017
Rickmansworth Aquadrome photos_0018
Rickmansworth Aquadrome photos_0019


Baby Photographer Olney Buckinghamshire

Baby Photographer Olney Buckinghamshire

Did you have a newborn session and you’d love a catch up session with your little one?  Perhaps you were too busy adjusting to parenthood and didn’t get around to having a newborn session, but you’d love some pictures of your baby while they are still so small.

Sessions at a few months old can be fabulous – the baby’s personality is really starting to take shape and they smile and giggle and interact beautifully during a photoshoot.   Us baby photographers have lots of tricks to get the best out of your baby during the session.  At a few months, babies still look really young but are already turning into little people with lots of different moods.  It’s lovely to capture the sparkle in their eyes or their gummy smiles but it can also be great to get some more pensive expressions and more serious faces along the way.

If you are looking to get some family photos then any age is a great age for a shoot – you will get different images depending upon whether the baby is really strong on their front or whether they are starting to sit solidly.  Every age is a great age for a shoot.   And maybe you are looking to include the family pet in the photos … I make no promises here as I am no pet photographer but feel free to suggest it and we will have some fun trying.



It’s lovely with little ones to get a few in just a nappy as they get really excited when they have a bit of freedom from their clothes and I do love to photograph those squidgy arms and legs !


If you’d like a baby shoot please get in touch and benefit from my fabulous Spring Offer – email:  If you’d like a newborn shoot please go to my dedicated newborn site here.

Baby Photographer Milton Keynes

Baby Photographer Milton Keynes

I haven’t blogged any family or baby shoots for a little while.  However I’ve been busy with shoots this Spring and very lucky that I have weather fairies to protect me and my lovely customers.  It’s rained so much the last couple of months but I’ve been really lucky and managed all my planned shoots outdoors despite the endless rain.

This one is a recent shoot in Milton Keynes, with a lovely family and a gorgeous little person who was a few days away from her first birthday.  This little girl was such a joy to photograph – she was such fun with a fabulous smile and cheeky little personality.  I really enjoyed capturing these moments and hope that enjoy this selection of images.

Baby photographer milton keynes_001

Baby photographer milton keynes_002
Baby photographer milton keynes_003

Baby photographer milton keynes_004
Baby photographer milton keynes_005
Baby photographer milton keynes_006

Baby photographer milton keynes_007
Baby photographer milton keynes_008

Baby photographer milton keynes_009
Baby photographer milton keynes_010

If you’d like a shoot contact me on or call me on 07981 991881.  The Saturday shoots book up quite quickly so if you have a specific date in mind then get in touch in plenty of time.  I have a separate newborn website so please check that out if you are expecting or know someone that is having a baby –

Baby Photographer St Albans

Baby Photographer St Albans

I was very busy all through the Spring time with family portraits in Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire and didn’t get around to doing too much blogging as I then had an operation and had to take a bit of time out from work.  I did lovely shoots in the bluebells, the Spring blossom and of course amongst the Daffodils – all of which will be coming up on the blog in due course.

One such shoot with Daffodils was this spring session.  This was a shoot in London Colney, near St Albans and was with one of my favourite regular families – they have 2 crazy girls that I adore who are real characters – however this shoot was a little different as they now have a gorgeous new baby brother who added to the fun.  Like his big sisters he is just beautiful and I came away from the shoot more than a teeny bit broody and definitely a little bit in love.

As a baby photographer I love capturing images of the whole family as well as getting cute images of the new baby, so here are a mixture of indoor and outdoor shots of this lovely family from back in the Springtime – I hope you enjoy them 🙂

Photographer London Colney_0001
Photographer London Colney_0002
Photographer London Colney_0003
Photographer London Colney_0004
Photographer London Colney_0005
Photographer London Colney_0006
Photographer London Colney_0007
Photographer London Colney_0008
Photographer London Colney_0009
Photographer London Colney_0010
Photographer London Colney_0011

Portrait Photographer Milton Keynes

Portrait Photographer Milton Keynes

I take a whole range of images for families in Milton Keynes and Northampton and surrounding areas.  These range from Newborn babies to teenagers; toddlers having tantrums to grandparents enjoying time with their grandchildren.  Images of new parents, families playing together, children just being themselves and having fun.  My aim is to produce natural images which capture your relationship as a family and capture the children’s real personalities rather than them just being on best behaviour.  As a portrait photographer covering the Milton Keynes area, I love every shoot whatever the age of the child, I  love toddlers because they are so funny and unpredictable but I have to say I do have a particular soft spot for new babies.

Here is a portrait shoot I did a little while ago of a newborn baby and family.  I just love these images – she was such a little beauty – with the most beautiful little face and fabulous skin.  I’m really looking forward to seeing her soon for a catch up session – always a joy to see how the babies change so fast.  If you’d like to see more of my newborn work please check out my dedicated newborn site here.  There is something so special about welcoming a new baby into the world.

I hope you enjoy these images from this shoot in Milton Keynes.