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Trip to Nepal _ April 2012

I first went to Nepal 10 years ago and fell in love with a beautiful country and its beautiful people. I went back again this year and it was still as wonderful – last time I trekked in the Everest Region and this time the Annapurna Sanctuary.  It was just as fabulous as I remembered – I don’t often return to places (there are still so many new ones on the list) but sometimes a place just gets to you and this was one of them.  I’ve finally got around to posting a handful of pictures – and just as I was getting the post together I found this quote which sums things up nicely I think  🙂    ” We travel, initially to lose ourselves; and we travel next, to find ourselves. We travel to open our hearts and eyes and learn more about the world than our newspapers can accommodate. And we travel, in essence to become young fools again, to slow time down and get taken in, and fall in love once more” ~ Pico Iver
Last time I went to Nepal I was shooting film – but I have to say one of the great things about digital is showing the little kids themselves on the back of the camera – they love it !!

Trip to County Kerry_Ireland

Recently had a little trip to County Kerry in Ireland – beautiful area.  We had a lovely relaxing time. Here are a few of the pictures from the trip – I would like the add the disclaimer that I am not a landscape photographer 🙂

We stayed at beautiful place overlooking the Killarney Lakes – first pic is the view from the Bar and Terrace and it was a lovely walk through the woods down into Killarney Town.

From Killarney you can easily take trips out to the beautiful Dingle Peninsula and Slea Head area – which is a stunning coastline.  We didn’t meet Fungie the famous Dingle buy apo-sildenafil Dolphin who gets chased around the harbour by tour boats most of the day but we did say hello to his replica on the harbourfront.

The Rhododendron bushes were in full bloom and looked gorgeous – although they are a problem in the Killarney National Park where they choke the other plants and trees.

We also visited Inch beach which was gorgeous – and the little one had fun in the sand dunes ..

Testing out the famous Murphy Ice Cream in Dingle was a must ..and we took a great trip round The Ring of Kerry – which was lovely too.

The little one is finding her way very successfully round my D700 camera and took the last picture – which I thought was pretty good … early retirement on the cards 🙂

Beautiful part of the world and as always wonderful hospitable locals.

Images of Marrakech_Flashback Friday

It was my Birthday last week – so I was reminiscing about past birthdays for Flashback Friday and was thinking about my 40th – its always hard to know what to do for a “Big” Milestone Birthday – part of you wants to celebrate – but actually the big milestones are particularly scary because they make you feel old.  So I decided to escape for the weekend with a few very special friends and enjoy the delights of Morocco.  As it famvir online australia turned out a few days in Marrakech staying in lovely Riad’s; drinking Rose overlooking the busy market square; wandering through the souks; bartering; seeing the snake charmers and enjoying relaxing sunsets and fabulous food was just the thing to get over the trauma of the “Big FOUR OH”.  So for this Flashback Friday a few memories of that weekend …

Reasons to love France_Flashback Friday

This flashback relates to France and the fact that buy adderall atlanta a few Friday’s ago I was sitting in the French sunshine with the little one (in her sunhat) enjoying a glass of Vin Blanc and some rather good fromage.

My family have a house in France so we are lucky enough to be able to spend time there where the little one potters in the garden …


I also love being able to visit Paris – hang around near Notre Dame ….

Wander along the Seine …

Take a walk up to Monmartre and the Sacre Coeur – through the markets and the artist quarter …

I love when you get to the top at Sacre Coeur and you can see out across the whole of Paris ….

The little one often asks when she can next go to France as she finds it really relaxing ….

And even better – its like home from home – as she can enjoy the french version of her favourite thing ……. SAUSAGES !!

Flashback Friday _ Trip to Galway

I have recently seen the concept of Flashback Friday Blog Posts mentioned on Twitter … the idea being to flashback (clues in the title) to the past and blog about an event, or a memory or something from times gone by.

So online pharmacy no prescription roxicodone I started by thinking what was I doing this time last year … turns out I was visiting beautiful area of Galway in Ireland to photograph a wedding.  Ryan Air (being the law unto themselves that they are) changed my flight and moved it forward for a day so the flight left on a Wednesday not the Thursday as planned.  A bit annoying but being forced to spend an extra day in a beautiful part of the world wasn’t too bad a situation to be in !  As it turned out this was a blessing as the next day – the Thursday – the Volcano in Iceland exploded the ash cloud descended and all the flights stopped !  So we were where we needed to be … enjoying the beautiful scenery in Connemara; enjoying the wonderful hospitality of the Irish without a clue about the chaos going on in the airports.   All was good – the wedding was fantastic and only 4 guests didn’t make it .. everyone else pulled out all the stops and got there.

We had a fabulous few days in the area – somewhere I would very happily return to anytime !  Hope you enjoy the flashback ….