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Celebrate YOU with a beautiful photoshoot

I recently started a new style of shoots for women.  These are not boudoir shoots – a word that can strike terror into the heart of anyone that feels less than perfect in her underwear – neither are they traditional “makeover” shoots.  These shoots are designed to be fun and relaxing and to capture every woman’s unique beauty in the process.

Women today are so self-critical – we are constantly trying to lose weight and attain some mythical future state of happiness, which we believe will magically appear when we hit a certain weight or dress size.  In the meantime we beat ourselves up and feel bad about how we look instead of enjoying life and learning to see ourselves as others see us.

In these shoots I capture the beauty that I see in you that you may not see yourself.

I would love you to read these fantastic words from the lovely Hayley that recently came for a shoot – she almost didn’t have the shoot done as she had convinced herself that she didn’t like how she looked and wouldn’t like the resulting images.

Thank you Hayley – you are beautiful inside and out – thank you for trusting me to capture these stunning shots of you.

beauty shoots olney makeovers olney photographer

When Siobhan first said about this style of photography I thought flippantly “Oh that sounds really good”. That was probably about as far as my thoughts got before being distracted by life! 

However, when I was showing my sister my wedding photos and criticising every tiny part of me, she urged me to book in with Siobhan. 

I expressed an interest and told Siobhan I’d get in touch when I’d lost a few pounds…. I wasn’t expecting the heart-felt reply I got. Siobhan pointed out that 

“The whole philosophy behind these shoots is to capture who you are and make you feel good as you are – now – not some time in the future when you may or may not have hit a goal to lose weight”

I realised Siobhan was right, and booked myself in. 

It felt really self-indulgent, and a bit strange, to drop my children off and have a morning set aside for something that was totally for me. 

When I arrived I instantly warmed to Siobhan. We sat in her kitchen and she did my make-up and fluttery long eyelashes, it was like being with a close friend, not a stuffy pushy photographer! 

Siobhan doesn’t use a studio, and I must admit I wondered where the magic came in on a dull and dreary December day, and post school run Mummy, and a naturally lit room in Siobhan’s house. 

Siobhan made me feel so relaxed, calm and dare I say, pretty! Her instant feedback about the photos as she took them really helped me to find that natural smile that is so often missing from professional photography. She had ideas and suggestions, and happily indulged me in my own. She knew just how to position my hand, hair, leg, even my chin (which for someone as naturally awkward as me was such a blessing!) We chatted and giggled through the shoot and before I knew it 3 hours had passed! 

I went away with that nervous feeling, I had really really enjoyed the photoshoot. But ultimately, they are photos of me… would I enjoy them when they arrived?! 

When Siobhan sent me a few preview photos, I actually gasped! I couldn’t believe it, I actually loved photos of myself! As someone who could pick a fault with any given part of my body or face, it was an incredible feeling. Siobhan let me know that my USB stick was in the post with the remaining photos and I was so excited to receive it! The magic had definitely been worked on that cold December morning!

When I received it I wasn’t disappointed, even the USB stick itself is beautiful. As I looked through the photos I saw myself in a new way, I looked like me- not a wife, or a mother, just me. And it turns out, me is a pretty beautiful thing to be! “

Here’s a selection of this beautiful ladies pictures

beauty makeover shoots olney_002

beauty makeover shoots olney_003
beauty makeover shoots olney_004
beauty makeover shoots olney_005
beauty makeover shoots olney_006
beauty makeover shoots olney_007
beauty makeover shoots olney_008
beauty makeover shoots olney_009

Thank again Hayley – utterly gorgeous !!!!

Please get in touch if you’d like one of these shoots – I have a fabulous offer on at the moment (also ideally timed for Mother’s Day if that is relevant to you) – shoots are on weekdays so you take a day off from work, or the kids, or the daily treadmill and do something fabulous JUST FOR YOU.

Email: for more information and to make a booking.

Beauty shoots – let me capture the YOU that I see

I spend a lot of time doing family shoots, newborn shoots, business head shots or dating profile shots for women of all ages, shapes, sizes and nationalities.  I love doing these shoots but notice that, quite often, the same worries come up before and during the shoots.  As women, we feel many things that make us nervous about being in these photos.

This is not the case for ALL women of course, but it is true of MANY women.

Some of the worries include the following:

  1. We often “hate” how we look in photos and decide in advance that we won’t like any of them.
  2. We don’t want to be in the photos until we have lost weight – be it “the baby weight” or weight in general – this stops many women being in photos with their children which is a real pity.
  3. We want to know if we can be “photoshopped” to look thinner, younger etc…
  4. We don’t book as shoot because we don’t think we look thin enough, young enough or pretty enough to have the pictures done in the first place.
  5. We don’t like that we have changed shape since having a baby.
  6. We don’t like our baggy tummies and stretch marks.
  7. We don’t feel confident, sexy or beautiful.
  8. We feel crap about ourselves and how we look much of the time.

Frequently when I do shoots I get a sense that some of all of the above are going through someone’s mind or went through their mind before I reached for my camera.

We are continually bombarded with perfect images in the media, magazines and on social media profiles – no wonder we don’t feel confident or gorgeous enough.

I hope in my family shoots and my newborn shoots I give families gorgeous images of themselves and their children to treasure but I want to do more than that.

How often do you say to a friend of yours something like “you look gorgeous”, “I love your hair like that”,  “I love that colour on you” and they reject the compliment with .. “No I don’t I need to lose weight”, or “Really it needs a cut” or “I don’t like how she cut my hair” or “Oh this top is really old I need some new clothes “.

We just don’t see ourselves the way everyone else sees us.  I want to do something about that.

I want to show YOU the beauty that I see when I meet you.  The beauty that your friends see, your families see and your partners or husbands or wives see.  The beauty that the people that love you see every day.  That is what I want to bring out in gorgeous, fun photos of women.

I want you to have a photo shoot that boosts your confidence, makes you feel good about yourself again and gives you a set of photos you are proud to show to others.

So treat yourself – take a day off work or away from the kids – I will do your make up and your lashes and we will have a giggle, a glass of fizz and get some beautiful shots of YOU.

This is not boudoir photography – you don’t need to let it all hang out in skimpy underwear or to try to be sexy.  Nor is this a cheesy soft-focus make-over shoot.

You don’t need to be 20 years old, or have a perfect figure, or be a size zero.  You can just be you.

You might want to wear a comfy sweater or a slouchy t-shirt – just choose what feels comfortable to you. There is no formula. This is about bringing out your personality, your style and your unique beauty.

You just need to trust me to photograph what I see.  You just need to be you.  Just like these gorgeous ladies.

So – are you in ?

Beauty shoots olney_001
Beauty shoots olney_002
Beauty shoots olney_003

Beauty shoots olney_004
Beauty shoots olney_005
Beauty shoots olney_006
Beauty shoots olney_007
Beauty shoots olney_008

Beauty shoots olney_009
Beauty shoots olney_010
Beauty shoots olney_011
Beauty shoots olney_012
Beauty shoots olney_013
Beauty shoots olney_014
Beauty shoots olney_015

Beauty shoots olney_016
Beauty shoots olney_017
Beauty shoots olney_018
Beauty shoots olney_019
Beauty shoots olney_020

Beauty shoots olney_021
Beauty shoots olney_022
Beauty shoots olney_023
Beauty shoots olney_024

**Get in touch – special introductory offer – treat YOU or drop a very big hint about gifts :)**

Contact me on or call me on 07981 991881

Authentic portraits of women, Milton Keynes

Authentic portraits of women, Milton Keynes

In photography as in any other profession it’s important to always keep learning and trying out new things – I’ve always been a fan of attending further training and expanding my skills.  I spend so much of my time photographing babies and small children so I’m used to lots of runny noses, nappies, tantrums etc.. so it’s always nice to do something completely different.

I have been a fan of  Sarah Sadler and Red Shoe for some time – knowing Sarah both in person and through the wonders of the inter webs.  I love her approach to photography and her style.  Red Shoe is all about photographing women to bring out their natural authentic beauty.  Capturing the essence of who they are.

Personally I’m not a big fan of “Boudoir” Photography – there are some people out there that do it really tastefully and others that, well, don’t!  I’m not knocking the genre itself, but for me I don’t like the whole underwear and suspenders thing – and to be brutally honest I don’t think that there are many women that have the natural confidence to go for a shoot like that.

The reality is most of us would run the other way if someone suggested a shoot that involved being sexy and not wearing very many clothes.  The heartbreaking truth is that the average woman has a completely warped view of her own beauty and struggles when dealing with her own body image.  Whether someone is slim and fit with a gorgeous body, or a bit overweight and carrying a few stretch marks – the sad sad reality is they are likely to feel totally negative about the way they look.

So if that is you – then surely a photoshoot that is fun and relaxed – where you have your hair and make up done and you are directed into flattering poses that make you feel gorgeous – is bit of a no brainer.

I had my own Red Shoe shoot a couple of years ago and it was a fabulous experience.  I felt on top of the world and couldn’t believe how lovely the photos looked.  Yes, I was all glammed up but I looked like me and it was the most amazing confidence boost.  Every woman should have a shoot like this.   It’s also important to put yourself in the client’s shoes on the other side of the camera so you can understand how they might be feeling during a shoot.  It was a bit odd begin on the other side to start with but we had lots of laughs and it was great fun.

So when I heard that Sarah was running workshops where you could go along and learn about posing real women (rather than professional models) and creating beautiful images of them, I snapped up the opportunity.   We had the lovely Vickie as our model (a fabulous photographer and really gorgeous lady) and the workshop was positive and uplifting.  Sarah works alongside a wonderful make up artist – the fabulous Mandy Rigby who works her magic before the shoot starts.

Sarah and Mandy styled Vickie’s clothes and Sarah created a set for the images at her natural light studio.

There were a lovely group of photographers there with a wealth of talent and different styles between them.  It’s always fascinating to see how others work and we all had a chance for personal time to direct the model.

Below are a few of the shots I took of the gorgeous Vickie and a couple of behind the scenes when it was someone else’s turn.   I am really excited to be doing some make up training with Mandy and soon will be offering my own beautiful shoots for women.   You will be able to choose your own clothes and style – things that are all about who YOU are – we will bring capture that beauty.  Excited !!!

I hope you enjoy these images taken at the workshop.

So get in touch if you’d be interested in one of these shoots and I will be in touch – email me on  and I look forward to taking some beautiful images of you.  I will also be looking for a couple of models in the near future so I have more examples of images to encourage more women to treat themselves – so if that is of interest let me know 🙂

To finish off – here are a few pictures from my own Red Shoe shoot:

Red shoe photography, Chester Make over_0013

Red shoe photography, Chester Make over_0008

Red shoe photography, Chester Make over_0011

Red shoe photography, Chester Make over_0010