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Portraits of Teenagers Hertfordshire and Northamptonshire

As a family and child portrait photographer in Milton Keynes, Northampton and surrounding areas I photograph families with children of all different ages.  Babies, Children and Toddlers are fine – parents are happy to organise sessions, but parents with teenagers are a little more reluctant.  And yet they would all love to have images of their children in their teens to treasure as with any other age.

There are lots of reasons not to book a photo session when you have teenagers.  The teenagers may not be keen to be photographed, they may be shy or extremely self-conscious of how they look.  They may on the other hand be happy to cooperate and the parents may be worrying unnecessarily.  They may be keen to play up for the camera and act like models.  Or they might be interested in having some pictures done if they are just fly-on-the-wall documentary style – just showing them doing their own thing – be that skateboarding, playing on the Xbox, walking the dog.

There are lots and lots of options for having images of your older children and teens – so don’t put it off – they will be off doing their own thing before you know it.  So here are a few examples from recent shoots – to encourage you to think about the style that might suit the teen in your life.

The teenagers, or older children who are happy to be in front of the camera just being their lovely happy selves.

You may have a child who would like to have a go at the “mean and moody” model thing – this can be a lot of fun and you get some great images at the end of the session.

I’ve recently done a few portfolios of actor headshots – these are were really interesting and meant that we had a few different looks in terms of clothes in the images.  We also wanted to portray to potential casting agents the range of characters that the young actor might be able to play.  Here are some examples – these were for a specific purpose but there is no reason that you couldn’t get your teenager just to dress in their favourite clothes and just be themselves whether they have a slightly more serious or tougher personality or they are still a typical boy-next-door.

You may have lots of pictures of the children when they were younger and be tempted to think we’ll just get by with our own pictures for now until they are bit older and a bit keener to be in photos.   The time will just disappear – don’t miss out on a chance to have memories of them as they are now.

And if they are really not keen on the idea of having portraits – why not let me take a totally documentary approach to the shoot – they don’t even have to make conversation if they would prefer not to !!  I can just come in and take natural fly-on-the-wall shots of them in their own environment doing what they would normally do on a daily basis to capture them just as they are – when you suddenly become an empty-nester these images of them just hanging out in their rooms and doing their thing will be even more precious.  Here are a few examples from a recent shoot.