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Childrens Photography Workshop with Bella West

As with any practical or creative skill its important to keep learning, improving and pushing yourself to order cheap vicodin online get better at what you do, so Photographers undertake a variety of different training courses on a regular basis.  I’ve been an admirer of Bella West’s beautiful images – particularly of children – for some time and so it was fabulous to have the opportunity to learn from her on a one day course at the Larmer Tree Gardens in Salisbury.  We had the opportunity to photograph some gorgeous children, in a wonderful setting and it was a fantastic experience.  Often you can get into habits when doing photo sessions and fall back on your comfort zone so its really good to get an alternative perspective on how to approach a session, to look at things completely differently and use an environment in a different way.

I came away very inspired and (as Bella promised) on the lookout for doorways and lovely bits of architecture to use for framing.  There were many many images from the day that I could show you but here are a few of my favourite images …