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Family Portraits Rickmansworth Aquadrome

Family Portraits Rickmansworth Aquadrome

My favourite images are outdoor location photos – I also shoot indoors when babies are newborns but whenever possible I prefer to use the environment as my backdrop.  We are lucky to have so many beautiful parks and areas of woodland to access all over the country.  When I am shooting family images in Hertfordshire, the Aquadrome in Rickmansworth is a great place to visit.

Having lots of beautiful scenery is fabulous to create beautiful images but it’s also good to take active kids to a park so they can run around and I can get some gorgeous natural images of them playing.

This shoot was extra special as it featured double twins !  They were taken around their 1st and 5th birthdays respectively.

Hope you like these gorgeous family portraits at the Rickmansworth Aquadrome.

Rickmansworth Aquadrome photos_0001
Rickmansworth Aquadrome photos_0002
Rickmansworth Aquadrome photos_0003
Rickmansworth Aquadrome photos_0004
Rickmansworth Aquadrome photos_0005
Rickmansworth Aquadrome photos_0006
Rickmansworth Aquadrome photos_0007
Rickmansworth Aquadrome photos_0008
Rickmansworth Aquadrome photos_0009
Rickmansworth Aquadrome photos_0010
Rickmansworth Aquadrome photos_0011
Rickmansworth Aquadrome photos_0012
Rickmansworth Aquadrome photos_0013
Rickmansworth Aquadrome photos_0014
Rickmansworth Aquadrome photos_0015
Rickmansworth Aquadrome photos_0016
Rickmansworth Aquadrome photos_0017
Rickmansworth Aquadrome photos_0018
Rickmansworth Aquadrome photos_0019


Horse Portraits Northampton Milton Keynes

Horse portraits Northampton Milton Keynes and surrounding areas.

As you may or may know (or even care !) I have been a child, newborn and family portrait photographer for many years and still love this work.  However it’s always nice to have new challenges so I have recently added Horse and Owner/Rider portraits to my services.

I won’t lie, this has been partly inspired by watching the gorgeous Netflix series Heartland !  This series is heartwarming and gentle and I have just loved watching it – the fact it is stunningly filmed in the Canadian Rockies which makes it even more of a pleasure to watch.  I tend to see everything in life through either my actual camera or a virtual one in my head so became inspired by the images of relationships between horses and people.

If you or someone in your family is horse-mad you may have a ton of action shots and jumping photos from competitions but you may not have any portraits of just you and your horse.  These portraits aim to capture the loving connection you have with your horse in the beautiful countryside where your horse is kept.

I will be taking horse portraits in Northampton, Milton Keynes and surrounding areas.  Shoots can take place at a number of locations – this can be either your choice or at my suggestion. We can start at your yard and move from there.  A range of scenic backgrounds and perhaps a change of clothes would be great to give you a lovely selection of portraits to treasure.  I will come to you and we will take a couple of hours to get the best set of images we can get – it’s nice and relaxed and there is no fixed timescale – I want you to really enjoy the experience.

Here are a few examples from a couple of recent shoots with teenagers and children showing their relationships with their beautiful horses.

I will be doing a fantastic introductory offer for shoots before Christmas so get in touch on  for information.  This can also be purchased as a voucher and would make a fabulous Christmas or Birthday gift.

equine portraits bedford_0001
equine portraits bedford_0002
equine portraits bedford_0003
equine portraits bedford_0004
equine portraits bedford_0005
equine portraits bedford_0006
equine portraits bedford_0007
equine portraits bedford_0008
equine portraits bedford_0009
equine portraits bedford_0010
equine portraits bedford_0011
equine portraits bedford_0012
equine portraits bedford_0013
equine portraits bedford_0014
equine portraits bedford_0015
equine portraits bedford_0016

And here’s another set of images from a lovely shoot with two gorgeous sisters and their buddies.

equine portraits olney_0001
equine portraits olney_0002
equine portraits olney_0003
equine portraits olney_0004
equine portraits olney_0005
equine portraits olney_0006
equine portraits olney_0007
equine portraits olney_0008
equine portraits olney_0009
equine portraits olney_0010
equine portraits olney_0011
equine portraits olney_0012
equine portraits olney_0013
equine portraits olney_0014
equine portraits olney_0015

Childrens photographer Olney Milton Keynes

I’m a children’s photographer based in Olney, Milton Keynes and, before the grammar police jump in, I do actually know how to use apostrophes correctly but google doesn’t like this in blog titles or keywords ….

There are millions of photographers out there so why pick me ?

  1. I genuinely love kids (handy for a childrens photographer) so even if your little angels decide to be uncooperative little gits on the day of the shoot I will win them around.
  2. I will get natural smiles and laughs from your children instead of their standard “camera” face – often it’s the shots between the ones you THINK I’m taking that are the winners.
  3. Although I will “sort of” pose you for some of the shots (if I don’t it can be really untidy looking) they will still look natural I promise.
  4. I will make the experience an enjoyable one and not a stressful one.
  5. I will make sure that the shots are taken in the best  light so you have a fabulous end result regardless of the location/surroundings/challenges during the shoot … little secret – it can take YEARS to learn how to “see the light” properly so pick someone that knows how.
  6. I have not been defeated by a child or a baby in over 10 years of business – your “challenging” toddler is safe in my hands – I am not about to let my unbroken record end.

I specialise in photos of children, families and newborn babies.  I shoot outdoors for as much of the year as possible – I am lucky to be followed around by my personal weather fairies so the weather is nearly always on our side.  I also shoot indoors if you have a brand new baby or if my fairies have taken a quick holiday and it rains (unlikely – I don’t allow much annual leave).

Finally because photography blogs need to be filled with pictures of shoots the photographer has done – here are a few recent ones.

Look at this one – gorgeous kids and even the dog behaved !

photographer olney


This little girl was a total sweetie .. gorgeous little face and lots of fun – cheekiness personified.



I love this little fella – third shoot we have done together since he was a tiny newborn – he just gets cuter and cuter. Are boys allowed to be this pretty ??  Seems like they are !



So I was pretty busy in Spring when the bluebells came out so didn’t blog many bluebell shoots.  I meant to come back to blogging in Summer but well … I went on holiday and enjoyed spending time taking my own family shots instead.  So here’s some oldies from the bluebell season.





Get in touch asap for an Autumn shoot as I’m getting booked up and grandma will want those pictures of her grandchildren for Christmas.  If you have a newborn baby or you are pregnant pop over to my newborn site and check out the stuff I do with the tiny humans. It’s right here.

Outdoor Photos Olney Buckinghamshire

Outdoor photos Olney Buckinghamshire

I’ve had some lovely spring shoots outdoors this Spring – despite the challenges of the weather.  It’s always nicer to capture images outdoors in a relaxed setting, where a family can just be themselves.   I am very lucky to live in a beautiful little town, with lots of really pretty spots to take pictures.  It’s so nice to wander around finding lovely spots for photos, with great light and natural backdrops.

This shoot started in a pretty little garden that is tucked away not far from the town square.  Then we took a wander with the little boy and the dog down the river.

I hope you enjoy this natural location shoot in Olney.

Outdoor photos Olney_001

Outdoor photos Olney_002
Outdoor photos Olney_003

Outdoor photos Olney_004
Outdoor photos Olney_005
Outdoor photos Olney_006

Outdoor photos Olney_007
Outdoor photos Olney_008
Outdoor photos Olney_009

Outdoor photos Olney_010
Outdoor photos Olney_011
Outdoor photos Olney_012

Outdoor photos Olney_013
Outdoor photos Olney_014

Saracens Rugby Champions

Saracens Rugby Champions

Congratulations to the fabulous Saracen’s players for winning both the English and European Championships.  Over the last few years, I’ve had the pleasure of photographing a few of the Saracens players with their gorgeous families and lovely children.  I know all the players and their families are a fabulous support network for one another and it’s always a pleasure to revisit each and every family to capture special memories for them.   I also love seeing the little ones in their kits as mascots on the pitch during the games.

So well done to the whole team and well done the lovely families that proudly support them.  Here are few of my favourite images collated from across the last few years.

I hope you enjoy them













If you’d like a family shoot please get in touch on  I have a great offer coming up for June – just in time to get a gift voucher for father’s day.  Or call me on 07981 991881.  Dates are now booking up into July and August – I have a few spaces but weekends are busy.