I’m a natural light portrait photographer who specialises in creating beautiful artistic images for you to treasure but more importantly I’m a parent, I’m a mother – I understand children and babies – their likes, their dislikes and their behaviour.  I also understand other parents – I know that you want fabulous, natural looking, good quality images of your children that really capture who they are. I know that you want to see in a photograph what you feel in your heart when you look at your family.

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My business has been established for 6 years and whilst I do the occasional wedding and a number of commercial headshots and other images for small businesses, my main focus is Children and Family Portraiture and Newborn Portraits. To see my Newborn, Baby and Maternity Photography please visit my newborn site here.

For me nothing beats capturing the joy on a child’s face as they play with their Dad, or getting an image that shows the love of a Mother as she sees her baby growing up just too quickly; seeing a couple of boisterous brothers winding each up or the simple beauty of a newborn baby, fast asleep with their tiny hands curled up next to their face.

I want to capture these moments for you – so you can treasure them forever.

What else can I tell you about me ?

  • I’m very slightly addicted to Haribos and very unwilling to share them  .. if pushed I may part with one of the fried eggs.
  • I think the sound of a child giggling madly is one of the best things in the world.
  • The sight of a curled-up newborn baby will always bring tears to my eyes.
  • I know all the words to “The Wheels on the Bus” , “If you’re happy and you know it” and other similar classics.
  • I love the total fascination that a small child can have with a stick or a dandelion clock.
  • I can hold in depth conversations about Peppa Pig, Humf, Timmy Time, SpongeBob and many more.
  • I know exactly how you feel when you give your sleeping child a good night kiss.
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And I will provide you with photos that will be beautiful lasting memories of the things that matter most to you in the world – your family and your children.  Classic images that will not date and will stay in your family to bring pleasure to future generations.

I am fully insured and hold professional qualifications with both the Master Photographer’s Society and Guild of Professional Photographers.  I have also trained in baby posing and safety and belong to the British Association of Newborn Photographers.

My love of photography started when I lived and worked in Africa and was lucky enough to capture some stunning moments of natural beauty – wildlife, scenery and incredible, strong, inspiring people.  I’ve been fortunate to have travelled big chunks of the world photographing such stunning sites as Macchu Picchu; Patagonia; Everest; Angkor Wat; The Masaii Mara; The Great Barrier Reef; Kilimanjaro; Ayres Rock.  The pure white beaches of The Whitsunday Islands; The Indian Ocean, Thailand and Vietnam.  I’ve photographed Wildebeest across the plains of Africa and backpackers heading across the cinema-scape of The Lord of the Rings.  I’ve shot images of different cultures in fantastic towns like Cusco; Marrakech; Dar es Salaam; Kathmandu; Hanoi; Bangkok; Zanzibar and more recently Milton Keynes.

I hope to see you for a session soon

Siobhan Murphy – LMPA, QGPP, BANP

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