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I am a natural light photographer – I am not studio-based.  All my shoots take place in your own home or a location of your choice – Country park, local woods, playground – wherever you and your family would like to go – somewhere that means something to you.

Each family is unique and each sessions is unique.  I am not going to stick you in a sterile white room, zip through a selection of standard poses and send you on your way.  I want to capture you as a family doing the things you normally do and create a beautiful set of timeless memories in the process.  A bespoke photo session is a treat, its a chance to focus on your family it’s not just something to rush through so you can tick it off your annual to-do list.

Sessions in a familiar environment or great outdoor location are much more relaxed and fun for parents and children and I believe that when children have freedom to be themselves and have fun, the resulting images capture who they really are.  If you have energetic boys that want to climb trees or a little girl who wants to play in the flowers we will do just that.

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I have a child – so I understand the following:

That a photo session requires time and patience – you can’t book a half hour slot at 10.00am and hope your baby or child performs on cue.
That children are more comfortable in their own environment or outdoors, where they can explore and burn off energy running about, than sitting in a studio.
That you want to enjoy the session and not get stressed about how your child or baby is reacting/behaving.
That your child may not cooperate and point blank refuse to be in a photo with his/her brother or sister – or agree to it and then pull a range of sulky ridiculous faces.
That your new baby may need to feed every 10 minutes throughout the entire session.
That your child may have a total screaming meltdown during the session – leg kicking, punching … the full works.
That some children are shyer than others and need time to warm up.

All of this is the reason I allow time for my sessions.  I usually only take one booking a day or maximum of two.

CHILDREN’S ART PORTRAITS – My aim is to create beautiful Art Portraits of your children or family that will have pride of place on your walls.  In order to produce work of this nature I need the trust of the children and I need time to create the images.  Therefore I will travel to your home or a location you choose.  I will work with you before, during and after the session to ensure we are creating the sorts of images you would like for your walls.  I will suggest different ideas with different locations to create something unique for you.  This can’t be done in a half hour slot – I will take the time we need, be that 2 hours or 4 hours, to ensure you have a stunning set of images to treasure.

MINI-SESSION DAYS – these are days when I take several families for short 20 minute sessions one after the other – they are a fixed prices and will include some images – the session is shorter and there will be less images to choose from.  These are advertised every couple of months and take place at Castle Ashby Gardens in Northamptonshire.   Not suitable for babies under about 5 months or very difficult toddlers as the session is not long enough to cope with tantrums or tears.

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Siobhan Murphy is a professional photographer capturing fun, emotive natural photos.

Specialising in Newborns, Babies, Children and Families.
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