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Celebrate YOU with a beautiful photoshoot

I recently started a new style of shoots for women.  These are not boudoir shoots – a word that can strike terror into the heart of anyone that feels less than perfect in her underwear – neither are they traditional “makeover” shoots.  These shoots are designed to be fun and relaxing and to capture every woman’s unique beauty in the process.

Women today are so self-critical – we are constantly trying to lose weight and attain some mythical future state of happiness, which we believe will magically appear when we hit a certain weight or dress size.  In the meantime we beat ourselves up and feel bad about how we look instead of enjoying life and learning to see ourselves as others see us.

In these shoots I capture the beauty that I see in you that you may not see yourself.

I would love you to read these fantastic words from the lovely Hayley that recently came for a shoot – she almost didn’t have the shoot done as she had convinced herself that she didn’t like how she looked and wouldn’t like the resulting images.

Thank you Hayley – you are beautiful inside and out – thank you for trusting me to capture these stunning shots of you.

beauty shoots olney makeovers olney photographer

When Siobhan first said about this style of photography I thought flippantly “Oh that sounds really good”. That was probably about as far as my thoughts got before being distracted by life! 

However, when I was showing my sister my wedding photos and criticising every tiny part of me, she urged me to book in with Siobhan. 

I expressed an interest and told Siobhan I’d get in touch when I’d lost a few pounds…. I wasn’t expecting the heart-felt reply I got. Siobhan pointed out that 

“The whole philosophy behind these shoots is to capture who you are and make you feel good as you are – now – not some time in the future when you may or may not have hit a goal to lose weight”

I realised Siobhan was right, and booked myself in. 

It felt really self-indulgent, and a bit strange, to drop my children off and have a morning set aside for something that was totally for me. 

When I arrived I instantly warmed to Siobhan. We sat in her kitchen and she did my make-up and fluttery long eyelashes, it was like being with a close friend, not a stuffy pushy photographer! 

Siobhan doesn’t use a studio, and I must admit I wondered where the magic came in on a dull and dreary December day, and post school run Mummy, and a naturally lit room in Siobhan’s house. 

Siobhan made me feel so relaxed, calm and dare I say, pretty! Her instant feedback about the photos as she took them really helped me to find that natural smile that is so often missing from professional photography. She had ideas and suggestions, and happily indulged me in my own. She knew just how to position my hand, hair, leg, even my chin (which for someone as naturally awkward as me was such a blessing!) We chatted and giggled through the shoot and before I knew it 3 hours had passed! 

I went away with that nervous feeling, I had really really enjoyed the photoshoot. But ultimately, they are photos of me… would I enjoy them when they arrived?! 

When Siobhan sent me a few preview photos, I actually gasped! I couldn’t believe it, I actually loved photos of myself! As someone who could pick a fault with any given part of my body or face, it was an incredible feeling. Siobhan let me know that my USB stick was in the post with the remaining photos and I was so excited to receive it! The magic had definitely been worked on that cold December morning!

When I received it I wasn’t disappointed, even the USB stick itself is beautiful. As I looked through the photos I saw myself in a new way, I looked like me- not a wife, or a mother, just me. And it turns out, me is a pretty beautiful thing to be! “

Here’s a selection of this beautiful ladies pictures

beauty makeover shoots olney_002

beauty makeover shoots olney_003
beauty makeover shoots olney_004
beauty makeover shoots olney_005
beauty makeover shoots olney_006
beauty makeover shoots olney_007
beauty makeover shoots olney_008
beauty makeover shoots olney_009

Thank again Hayley – utterly gorgeous !!!!

Please get in touch if you’d like one of these shoots – I have a fabulous offer on at the moment (also ideally timed for Mother’s Day if that is relevant to you) – shoots are on weekdays so you take a day off from work, or the kids, or the daily treadmill and do something fabulous JUST FOR YOU.

Email: for more information and to make a booking.