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Authentic portraits of women, Milton Keynes

Authentic portraits of women, Milton Keynes

In photography as in any other profession it’s important to always keep learning and trying out new things – I’ve always been a fan of attending further training and expanding my skills.  I spend so much of my time photographing babies and small children so I’m used to lots of runny noses, nappies, tantrums etc.. so it’s always nice to do something completely different.

I have been a fan of  Sarah Sadler and Red Shoe for some time – knowing Sarah both in person and through the wonders of the inter webs.  I love her approach to photography and her style.  Red Shoe is all about photographing women to bring out their natural authentic beauty.  Capturing the essence of who they are.

Personally I’m not a big fan of “Boudoir” Photography – there are some people out there that do it really tastefully and others that, well, don’t!  I’m not knocking the genre itself, but for me I don’t like the whole underwear and suspenders thing – and to be brutally honest I don’t think that there are many women that have the natural confidence to go for a shoot like that.

The reality is most of us would run the other way if someone suggested a shoot that involved being sexy and not wearing very many clothes.  The heartbreaking truth is that the average woman has a completely warped view of her own beauty and struggles when dealing with her own body image.  Whether someone is slim and fit with a gorgeous body, or a bit overweight and carrying a few stretch marks – the sad sad reality is they are likely to feel totally negative about the way they look.

So if that is you – then surely a photoshoot that is fun and relaxed – where you have your hair and make up done and you are directed into flattering poses that make you feel gorgeous – is bit of a no brainer.

I had my own Red Shoe shoot a couple of years ago and it was a fabulous experience.  I felt on top of the world and couldn’t believe how lovely the photos looked.  Yes, I was all glammed up but I looked like me and it was the most amazing confidence boost.  Every woman should have a shoot like this.   It’s also important to put yourself in the client’s shoes on the other side of the camera so you can understand how they might be feeling during a shoot.  It was a bit odd begin on the other side to start with but we had lots of laughs and it was great fun.

So when I heard that Sarah was running workshops where you could go along and learn about posing real women (rather than professional models) and creating beautiful images of them, I snapped up the opportunity.   We had the lovely Vickie as our model (a fabulous photographer and really gorgeous lady) and the workshop was positive and uplifting.  Sarah works alongside a wonderful make up artist – the fabulous Mandy Rigby who works her magic before the shoot starts.

Sarah and Mandy styled Vickie’s clothes and Sarah created a set for the images at her natural light studio.

There were a lovely group of photographers there with a wealth of talent and different styles between them.  It’s always fascinating to see how others work and we all had a chance for personal time to direct the model.

Below are a few of the shots I took of the gorgeous Vickie and a couple of behind the scenes when it was someone else’s turn.   I am really excited to be doing some make up training with Mandy and soon will be offering my own beautiful shoots for women.   You will be able to choose your own clothes and style – things that are all about who YOU are – we will bring capture that beauty.  Excited !!!

I hope you enjoy these images taken at the workshop.

So get in touch if you’d be interested in one of these shoots and I will be in touch – email me on  and I look forward to taking some beautiful images of you.  I will also be looking for a couple of models in the near future so I have more examples of images to encourage more women to treat themselves – so if that is of interest let me know 🙂

To finish off – here are a few pictures from my own Red Shoe shoot:

Red shoe photography, Chester Make over_0013

Red shoe photography, Chester Make over_0008

Red shoe photography, Chester Make over_0011

Red shoe photography, Chester Make over_0010

Outdoor Photos Olney Buckinghamshire

Outdoor photos Olney Buckinghamshire

I’ve had some lovely spring shoots outdoors this Spring – despite the challenges of the weather.  It’s always nicer to capture images outdoors in a relaxed setting, where a family can just be themselves.   I am very lucky to live in a beautiful little town, with lots of really pretty spots to take pictures.  It’s so nice to wander around finding lovely spots for photos, with great light and natural backdrops.

This shoot started in a pretty little garden that is tucked away not far from the town square.  Then we took a wander with the little boy and the dog down the river.

I hope you enjoy this natural location shoot in Olney.

Outdoor photos Olney_001

Outdoor photos Olney_002
Outdoor photos Olney_003

Outdoor photos Olney_004
Outdoor photos Olney_005
Outdoor photos Olney_006

Outdoor photos Olney_007
Outdoor photos Olney_008
Outdoor photos Olney_009

Outdoor photos Olney_010
Outdoor photos Olney_011
Outdoor photos Olney_012

Outdoor photos Olney_013
Outdoor photos Olney_014

Baby Photographer Milton Keynes

Baby Photographer Milton Keynes

I haven’t blogged any family or baby shoots for a little while.  However I’ve been busy with shoots this Spring and very lucky that I have weather fairies to protect me and my lovely customers.  It’s rained so much the last couple of months but I’ve been really lucky and managed all my planned shoots outdoors despite the endless rain.

This one is a recent shoot in Milton Keynes, with a lovely family and a gorgeous little person who was a few days away from her first birthday.  This little girl was such a joy to photograph – she was such fun with a fabulous smile and cheeky little personality.  I really enjoyed capturing these moments and hope that enjoy this selection of images.

Baby photographer milton keynes_001

Baby photographer milton keynes_002
Baby photographer milton keynes_003

Baby photographer milton keynes_004
Baby photographer milton keynes_005
Baby photographer milton keynes_006

Baby photographer milton keynes_007
Baby photographer milton keynes_008

Baby photographer milton keynes_009
Baby photographer milton keynes_010

If you’d like a shoot contact me on or call me on 07981 991881.  The Saturday shoots book up quite quickly so if you have a specific date in mind then get in touch in plenty of time.  I have a separate newborn website so please check that out if you are expecting or know someone that is having a baby –