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Baby Photographer St Albans

Baby Photographer St Albans

I was very busy all through the Spring time with family portraits in Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire and didn’t get around to doing too much blogging as I then had an operation and had to take a bit of time out from work.  I did lovely shoots in the bluebells, the Spring blossom and of course amongst the Daffodils – all of which will be coming up on the blog in due course.

One such shoot with Daffodils was this spring session.  This was a shoot in London Colney, near St Albans and was with one of my favourite regular families – they have 2 crazy girls that I adore who are real characters – however this shoot was a little different as they now have a gorgeous new baby brother who added to the fun.  Like his big sisters he is just beautiful and I came away from the shoot more than a teeny bit broody and definitely a little bit in love.

As a baby photographer I love capturing images of the whole family as well as getting cute images of the new baby, so here are a mixture of indoor and outdoor shots of this lovely family from back in the Springtime – I hope you enjoy them 🙂

Photographer London Colney_0001
Photographer London Colney_0002
Photographer London Colney_0003
Photographer London Colney_0004
Photographer London Colney_0005
Photographer London Colney_0006
Photographer London Colney_0007
Photographer London Colney_0008
Photographer London Colney_0009
Photographer London Colney_0010
Photographer London Colney_0011

Children’s Portraits Ashridge Park

Children’s Portraits Ashridge Park

Earlier in Spring I did a lovely shoot at Ashridge Park with a gorgeous little girl and her family.  I hadn’t seen her since she was about 6 months old so it was lovely to catch up and see what a cheeky gorgeous little girl she has become.  It was a bit of a changeable day – bit rainy at times but she was as happy as anything, running around, climbing on trees and jumping in puddles.

This was the first time I had done any children’s portraits at Ashridge Park and it was a fabulous location.  I love to do shoots in parks as there are always some excellent shapes amongst the trees that make for lovely backdrops or nice compositions.   This was definitely the case at Ashridge Park.  It was a really fun shoot – if a little chilly – but we warmed up afterwards with a lovely cup of tea at the little cafe in the park.  A really run morning of children’s portraits.

Here are a selection of these children’s portraits from Ashridge Park.

Ashridge Park Photography_0001
Ashridge Park Photography_0002
Ashridge Park Photography_0003
Ashridge Park Photography_0004
Ashridge Park Photography_0005
Ashridge Park Photography_0006
Ashridge Park Photography_0007
Ashridge Park Photography_0008
Ashridge Park Photography_0009

Ashridge Park Photography_0010

Family Photographer Towcester Northamptonshire

Family Photographer Towcester Northamptonshire

My family portrait work covers much of Northamptonshire and I have just finished a set of 3 shoots in a year for a lovely family there.  The shoots are generally newborn, around 6-8 months and around a year.  I am not strict on times so times the second shoot is 9-10 months and the third shoot when the baby is walking.  Children develop at different speeds so I like to get the best set of images I can for my clients rather than sticking to fixed age milestones.

These shoots took place around 2 weeks, 8 months and the most recent one was in May when the little fella was about 14 months and walking with confidence.



I always love seeing the babies grow and change and become such cheeky little people.  This little guy just loved being out in the garden playing with the dandelion clocks and playing peepo with the doors on the summerhouse.  A total pleasure to photograph and totally full of fun.  I hope you like this small selection from the latest shoot.

Photographer Towcester _0001
Photographer Towcester _0002
Photographer Towcester _0003
Photographer Towcester _0004
Photographer Towcester _0005
Photographer Towcester _0006
Photographer Towcester _0007
Photographer Towcester _0008
Photographer Towcester _0009
Photographer Towcester _0010
Photographer Towcester _0011
Photographer Towcester _0012