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Children’s Photographer Olney

Children’s photographer Olney

Do you have a crazy toddler ?  or a very strong willed 3 year old ?  Perhaps you have a child just over 1 year old and who is into everything ?   Are you concerned about booking a photo session because the children never behave and don’t stay still for more than a millisecond ?  Are you worried you’d get stressed out and end up without any photos ?   Well worry no further.

I am a children’s photographer based in Olney and I’m an expert at capturing images of children at any age – but I particularly enjoy photographing toddlers.  Toddlers are fantastic fun and always a great challenge – but I enjoy a challenge and I’ve not had a toddler beat me yet in 9 years of professional photography.  I do my shoots at your home (AKA their territory, so they are in charge) or outdoors where they can explore and have fun.  There is no being made to stand or sit awkwardly in a studio.  My aim to capture the true personality of your child for you to treasure as they grow so quickly.

If you would like a shoot please get in touch – Spring is finally here so let the busy shoot season begin.  I have a few spaces on my mini sessions if this is of interest or I can do a full session (depending on availability) on a day to suit you.  Full shoots take around 1-2 hours allowing for breaks and snacks – so plenty of time for your toddler to have a totally irrational meltdown and still get some fabulous shots.

Childrens portraits olney_001
Childrens portraits olney_002
Childrens portraits olney_003
Childrens portraits olney_004
Childrens portraits olney_005
Childrens portraits olney_006
Childrens portraits olney_007
Childrens portraits olney_008
Childrens portraits olney_009
Childrens portraits olney_010
Childrens portraits olney_011
Childrens portraits olney_012
Childrens portraits olney_013
Childrens portraits olney_014
Childrens portraits olney_015
Childrens portraits olney_016
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Family Portraits Hertfordshire

Family Portraits Hertfordshire

I was just sorting through images from the end of last year for archiving and realised that I forgot to blog these family portraits from a session in Ware, Hertfordshire.

I love saying that I’ve been to Ware or I’m going to Ware as it starts confusing and comical conversations.

“Where are you going”, “Ware”, “Yes where?” “That’s right” “No where is the photo shoot?’ “Ware” and so it goes on ….

So anyway, I did go to Ware on a lovely sunny afternoon in late Autumn and took some lovely pictures of this family and their adorable little one year old.  The shoot was a gift from a friend and I think also the little girls Godmother.  We had a great time taking images both indoors and outdoors near their home.  One is wonderful age to capture – little ones are really fun and curious about everything.

I loved this session and her cute little toothy grin.  I hope you enjoy this selection which are just a handful from the session.

Family Portraits Hertfordshire_001
Family Portraits Hertfordshire_002
Family Portraits Hertfordshire_003
Family Portraits Hertfordshire_004
Family Portraits Hertfordshire_005
Family Portraits Hertfordshire_006
Family Portraits Hertfordshire_007
Family Portraits Hertfordshire_008
Family Portraits Hertfordshire_009
Family Portraits Hertfordshire_010
Family Portraits Hertfordshire_011
Family Portraits Hertfordshire_012
Family Portraits Hertfordshire_013
Family Portraits Hertfordshire_014

Spring Portrait Sessions Olney

Spring Portrait Sessions near Olney, Milton Keynes

Well we had the Supermoon Eclipse and the Spring Equinox which means that Spring is officially here – and it’s one of my favourite times of year to photograph.  I love the fact that everything comes to life after Winter – all the flowers are starting to bloom in the garden and people start to feel so much happier.  It’s also the season for the bluebells – my favourite – I really love photographing families in the bluebell season – although it’s only a very short window for these shoots.

I am always very busy in Spring but I always allow a couple of weekends for mini-sessions – these are great if you don’t want a full photo session.  The are really good value small package deals which give you a shorter session and slightly less images to choose from, but the same style of photographs that I do for all my customers.

Mini sessions are take place at Castle Ashby Gardens in Northamptonshire and are short 20-30 minute sessions.  They are not suitable for very young babies.  The package costs £135 and includes 2 Mounted 8×6 Art Images and 2 Hi-Res digital files that can be printed lots of times or enlarged for self framing and canvases.

I have just 3 slots left for spring so get in touch on to book your slot.

Here are a selection of images taken last Spring – many of these are taken at Castle Ashby but others are taken in a variety of locations.  I hope you enjoy these Spring Portrait Sesssions.

Spring portrait sessions_001
Spring portrait sessions_002
Spring portrait sessions_003
Spring portrait sessions_004
Spring portrait sessions_005
Spring portrait sessions_006
Spring portrait sessions_007
Spring portrait sessions_008
Spring portrait sessions_009
Spring portrait sessions_010
Spring portrait sessions_011
Spring portrait sessions_012
Spring portrait sessions_013
Spring portrait sessions_014
Spring portrait sessions_015
Spring portrait sessions_016

Family Portraits Watford Hertfordshire

Family portraits Watford Hertfordshire.

It’s always a pleasure to return to families year after year as they grow.  This family have been customers of mine for many years and I just love capturing their little girls as they grow.  They are all such gorgeous little things and such unique characters – the sessions are always great fun.  My last visit was 2 years ago when the smallest daughter was just a newborn baby – only about 3 days old – seeing her as a lovely little 2 year old was a real treat.  She was a typical 2 year old though and wasn’t overly keen to cooperate on the photo front which was pretty hilarious – so the “all the sisters together” picture didn’t transpire, nor did the “family of 5” photo.  Both of these things were perfectly anticipated by Mum who knew exactly what I could expect to happen and simply wanted images of the family as they are when they are all together.  This is why I specialise in trying to get natural images because the reality is children really don’t want to do the things you’d like them to do – and really why should they when there is more fun to be had elsewhere ?

Here are a small selection of the images from the shoot – I hope you enjoy this set of Family Portraits taken in Watford, Hertfordshire.