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Beautiful Intimate Wedding in Portmeirion Wales

Beautiful Intimate Wedding in Portmeirion Wales.

I was lucky enough to visit Portmeirion in Wales last weekend for the wedding of a lovely couple and their closest family members.  It was really lovely to be part of the day in such a beautiful and unusual setting – it really is a photographer’s dream.  I have wanted to visit Portmeirion since I saw pictures of it on a photo site a few months ago so it was wonderful to have the opportunity arise in such an unexpected way.

The ceremony took place at the Hotel Portmeirion in a lovely room called the mirror room which was a gorgeous setting and the mirrors created some great reflections during the ceremony which was both moving and lighthearted at the same time.

I popped to have a chat with the ladies whilst they were getting ready for the ceremony.  This is a lovely part of the day – a mixture of nerves and laughter.

The hotel is gorgeous the ceremony room – seating just 9 people – was perfect.  The ceremony was a lovely personal ceremony – with some great moments of fun amidst the formal vows.

Their 2 year old Grandson was in charge of delivering the rings – he did a wonderful job – and then insisted on remaining centre stage for the rest of the ceremony.

After the ceremony was a glass of champagne followed by a walk around Portmeirion Village.  There were no end of opportunities for photos and we had a nice relaxed wander about.

And always important to grab a Titanic moment if the opportunity arises.

Beautiful couple and a wonderful day – wishing you every happiness.

In case anyone is interested I first saw Portmeirion on this link about 12 amazing places you would not believe were in the UK.