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Child photographer Milton Keynes – Favourite images 2013

Child photographer based near Milton Keynes – Favourite images 2013

I thought I would share some of my favourite 2013 images from sessions with children and families.  This time of year is really a time for forward planning the dates for my seasonal mini-shoots, working out marketing strategies and looking at fabulous new locations and wonderful unique wall products I can find for my customers.  The diary is already busy with weekends booking fast but I thought I’d take a bit of time to show you some of the gorgeous families that I photographed last year.

If you like the idea of a shoot with a specialist child photographer but you are not really sure on what kind of shoot, the best time of year for a shoot or which locations would work you may get a few ideas from this selection.  It was hard to narrow them down so there are quite a few – I would have included everyone if I could but that would really have been a monster post !

So here in no particular order as some of the very special moments from the last year ……

I always do sessions when the bluebells are out – it’s one of my favourite times of year and there are more bluebell shoot images featured below  – but this photo is a personal favourite – this little monkey was a star.

I love this father daughter photo – the little one had been messing about and hurt her knee – a big Daddy Hug made it all better. This was a small quiet moment in an otherwise crazy shoot with three little ones and a new baby.

One of the many lovely things about my job is returning to see clients again and again – I shot the Mum and Dad’s wedding a few years ago and it is always a pleasure to see catch up and see the family grow. Many of the images that follow are with regular clients that return again and again.

Being outside the studio and photographing children just enjoying themselves in a way they would every day always results in lovely natural images as well as giving everyone some fresh air and exercise

This beautiful young girl started off very shy and hiding inside her hoody and behind her glasses but after a short time she relaxed and I got some stunning shots of her

I love to have lots of laughter and silliness during a shoot but it’s also really nice to get the odd serious shot – sometimes these are my favourites.

I am lucky to meet so many fabulous families and so many adorable little children and create priceless memories along the way.

I love the freedom of outdoor shoots – going to the woods where children can climb trees or run around outdoors is great.  The trees are also wonderful for creating shapes in the images.

Most of my shoots are for people locally but sometimes people visiting from abroad book shoots with family and friends – this year I had shoots with visitors from Australia, Europe, America and even Micronesia !

I love to shoot in the natural environment – there is never a shortage of lovely backdrops and the children have lots more freedom.

The bluebell season is always busy – if you would like a shoot in April/May make sure to book in advance !

Active shoots suit active kids and parents who enjoy being outdoors – sometimes with the added bonus of making your fitness instructor run up and down over and over .. so nice for the tables to be turned !

And onto Autumn … probably my favourite season to shoot – the stunning light, the colours and leaves for the kids to mess around in ….

Then there are winter days when we can only shoot indoors – or nip out quick between rain showers.

But then again – there are those lovely winter days that are so mild the picture looks like its been taken in the summer !!

One of my best skills as a specialist child photographer is that I relate to children and can work with them to get really natural lovely images – that said the reality of working with children can be rather different.   The following are a few out-takes for fun ….

Sometimes they decide they have done quite enough smiling !

child photographer milton keynes

You will get 3 children in a picture together in the same place at the same time and one will inevitably lose the plot 🙂

child photographer milton keynes

Or you (sort of) get two children sitting together nicely and one will refuse to put her tongue away 🙂

child photographer milton keynes

When photographing toddlers tantrums will happen for absolutely no reason as all parents of toddlers will be able to attest

child photographer milton keynes

And finally it’s worth remembering Halloween or no Halloween if you are a small child then pumpkins are probably scary !!

child photographer milton keynes

Shoots featured in lots of locations in and around Olney and surrounding areas including Emberton Park, Castle Ashby Gardens, Wollaston Playing Fields and many more in Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire and Hertfordshire.