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Portrait Competition – Olney Photographer

Portrait Competition – Olney Photographer – Specialising in Children, Newborn and Family photographs.

I recently ran a Competition in association with the Guild of professional photographers.  We had lots of entries and got some fabulous images of children.  It was particularly wonderful that the portrait competition took place in October and November with all the gorgeous Autumn Colours – it’s probably my favourite season to shoot.  The light is beautiful, the colours are stunning and children have a great time throwing the leaves around and having fun.

I was very lucky that two lovely ladies from local Olney Businesses were happy to be my judges so thank you to Louise from Feast and Suzanne from Happy Days Toy Shop.  We got together and looked through all the entries – the full album is available on my facebook page but a couple are surprise gifts so are not featured.

There were some images in colour and some in black and white but I think because of the Autumn colours it was hard to judge them as like for like so the shortlist of favourites were viewed in both colours.  The winner was originally a Black and White image but my Judges preferred the colour version – so here is the winner (with the original black/white below).

Photographer Olney

The judges loved the colour version because of the tones and her beautiful creamy skin.  They loved the expression, eye contact and fact her hair was blowing in the wind slightly and I’d caught the movement.   They also loved that this was an older child.  I work mainly with younger children and babies but I love to photograph children of all ages.  The judges felt that a beautiful portrait of an older child at a more self-conscious age would really be something for a parent to treasure.  So Congratulations to the family of this lovely girl who win a Wall Art Block worth £200.

However, this wasn’t any easy choice – they loved lots of the images and it was quite hard to narrow them down.  Here are few that got a special mention.

Olney Photographer

This one was a very close favourite not only because of the Autumn colours but because of the joy on the little boy’s face.  The judges felt this was a great example of the sort of pictures that I produce of children.  Natural and happy.

Olney Photographer

“Ginger Baby” as he became affectionately known in the judging process got an honourable mention – they loved the colours of the leaves with his hair colour.  I actually collected the leaves in advance of this session and spent several hours with leaves all over my lounge carpet covering them with PVA glue to preserve the colour.  This little chap didn’t want to go to sleep for ages so the light was really fading in the room by the time the last images were taken so from a photography/lighting point of view this isn’t ideal from a cuteness point of view of course its lovely.

Olney Photographer

Everyone loved this one – how could you not !!  The little one has a great expression and she is looking straight at me and looking really happy.  One of the things I pride myself upon is my interaction with children and babies and my ability to get great expressions from them.  This is very much my style.

Olney Baby Photographer

With this one the judges really felt I’d captured the personality of the little girl completely and that it was natural and quirky.

And finally .. this little lovely.   We all loved this one – I loved the light and her expression and her little coat.  The judges agreed that she was gorgeous and it was a beautiful images of a beautiful little girl so it really was a close run competition but in the end they kept coming back to the winner.

Olney Child Photographer

Thanks to every one that entered – sorry you couldn’t all be winners.