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Photographer Olney – Natural, active outdoor photo sessions

Children’s Portraits and Family Portraits in and around Olney, Emberton, Lavingdon & Wollaston.

We all want gorgeous pictures of our children and our families and there are lots and lots of photographers to choose from.  So when you plan to invest some money in a photoshoot it’s very important to think about the style of pictures that you would like.  I take pictures mostly outdoors on location (and sometimes indoors) and the emphasis is on capturing your children and yourselves in a natural way.  For this I encourage you to choose somewhere that you as a family love and do something that you as a family would normally do.

Many families I meet are sporty, active, outdoor people – their kids play football or rugby, they spend their weekends in the park, out on bikes or tearing around using up a ton of energy.  If this is the kind of family you are then is it really going to suit you to sit in a static pose in your smartest gear posing for family photos in a studio??   And if you do – will that really capture what your family is about ??  Many studios will let you bring footballs and bikes etc..etc.. but it seems to me if these things are going to be included in a shoot then you might as well be outside using them in a natural way.

I’ve compiled a selection of some of the images I’ve taken in the last couple of years that really sum up what my photos are about.  If you think this would suit your family much better than a studio shoot then please get in touch.

Family Portraits St Albans – Photographer Hertfordshire

As a family portrait photographer based in Milton Keynes I cover a fairly wide area including Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire.  I have a few clients in St. Albans and Harpenden.  I am lucky to meet so many gorgeous families and beautiful children in the course of my work and the children are all wonderful.

I particularly love photographing children at six to eight months when they are sitting up – they are inquisitive and excitable and aside from napping seem to spend most of their day just smiling and laughing at things – and yet they are still so adorably squishy and baby-like.

Being a children and baby photographer is a bit like being a teacher – you aren’t really supposed to have favourite kids but secretly you do – and here is one of mine – a beautiful little fella at just 6 months old.  Sigh !  I could look at those beautiful big eyes all day 🙂

Newborn Photographer Northampton ~ Competition Winners

I recently ran a competition to raise money for Cancer Research and the winner received a portrait session worth £400.  I was particularly pleased when the session was won by a couple with a brand new baby.   The whole reason for the competition was to offer continued support to the attempts to find a cure for cancer and was done in memory of a mother who lost her battle with this disease.  For the winning session to feature the start of a new life seems in a way somewhat fitting.

Thank you to everyone who kindly donated to this great cause.   I’m only sorry that you could not all be winners.

During this session, we were able to get a lovely mixture of sleepy shots, sleepy smiling shots, wide awake shots and shots with Mum and Dad – all in all a lovely varied selection for the family to treasure.  I hope you will enjoy these few images from this recent newborn baby portrait session in Northampton.

I particularly love this one of Mum and Dad looking so proud of their beautiful new baby girl