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Trip to Nepal _ April 2012

I first went to Nepal 10 years ago and fell in love with a beautiful country and its beautiful people. I went back again this year and it was still as wonderful – last time I trekked in the Everest Region and this time the Annapurna Sanctuary.  It was just as fabulous as I remembered – I don’t often return to places (there are still so many new ones on the list) but sometimes a place just gets to you and this was one of them.  I’ve finally got around to posting a handful of pictures – and just as I was getting the post together I found this quote which sums things up nicely I think  🙂    ” We travel, initially to lose ourselves; and we travel next, to find ourselves. We travel to open our hearts and eyes and learn more about the world than our newspapers can accommodate. And we travel, in essence to become young fools again, to slow time down and get taken in, and fall in love once more” ~ Pico Iver
Last time I went to Nepal I was shooting film – but I have to say one of the great things about digital is showing the little kids themselves on the back of the camera – they love it !!

Letter to my Daughter_End of Infant School

You’ll have to forgive me this one blog readers as this week has been a bitter sweet week of emotion and inspired by something I saw on another photographer blog I decided to write a letter to my daughter.   Soppy Mummy Alert –  if you are prone to blubbing look away now …

To my little girl .. this week you finished your last year in Infant School – something that seems hardly possible as it feels like yesterday I was bringing you home from hospital in a funny little hat made out of a tubi-grip bandage – I forgot to pack a hat thinking it was needed to bring you home not keep your tiny head warm after you were born so the nurses made you a hat … with a little knot on top that was really a bit too tight for your head and looked like it might cut off your circulation.

And suddenly you have finished year two for the summer and have already gone to France with Grandma like an independent little grown up.   I should have been at a meeting this week but cancelled so I could watch you do Sports Day in the rain and see you in the leaving assembly because so many, many times I tell you have to work … but not this time.  In years to come you probably won’t remember that I was there to watch you but if you’d looked around the crowd and not been able to find me to wave to ?  THAT you would have remembered.

So your bedroom is empty, apart from a million stuffed dogs that is,  and I don’t know quite what to do when its time for bed and can’t go in there and kiss you goodnight again .. because once is never quite enough.   And I love that you are still small enough to climb in my lap with your thumb in your mouth and curl up like a baby and yet still grown up enough to decide you are going on holiday without me.  And when I do kiss you goodnight your sleepy little face is just the same was when you were tiny.

You are a happy, crazy, funny little nutter, you potter around the house giggling and singing in your lovely little voice and when you find something funny you laugh so hard no noise comes out – or if it does only the dogs you love so much can hear it.

You are always filed with joy and laughter ..  you make up ridiculous names for people and draw sausages with funny faces on.  You can mimic people brilliantly and do funny accents and we have so much fun together – you make me laugh all the time .. and I’m still surprised to see big teeth when you laugh as in my head you still have your tiddly tiny first teeth.

You do completely random hilarious things with amazing comedy timing.

You are adventurous, loving and inquisitive – you adore everything to do with nature and little creatures and exploring – you named the spider who lives on the stairs Bob and you won’t let me get rid of him.  The word bum is still hilarious to you and you still love sausages more than anything else .. your 7th Birthday cake was even a happy sausage !

The other day you gave me a Love Heart that said “Real Love” and told me that’s what me and you have and you were right.  So for you .. my first ..  my last .. my only baby … here’s to the next exciting part of your growing up journey – I love you to the moon and back my precious girl xxx

Extended Family Portrait Shoot Oxfordshire

A few from a recent shoot in Oxfordshire.  Lots of lovely members of the same family in a beautiful garden.   The session was a gift and the aim was to get a few combinations of all the parents and grandchildren so we used a few different backgrounds in the garden whilst the rain just about held off and it was lots of fun.

All the images are on the way but here’s a taster 🙂

And finally one of my favourites from the morning 🙂


Family Portrait Photographer Watford Hertfordshire

Images from a lovely session recently in Watford with a gorgeous little 10 month old baby.  Such a lovely fun age to shoot.  The area around their home was really pretty so we had no shortage of places to shoot.

The shots were nearly all outdoors and just a few indoors at the end as it started to look like the rain was on its way.   Here are a few of my favourites.

And finally a cute little sleepy head with her thumb in .. as the Mum of a thumb-sucker  there is something really poignant about these shots so I always leave the odd on in the selection.