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Photo of the Day_ May 2012

And the images for May

The morning routine including teeth cleaning time

Racing some annoying little things called Zoozoo pets .. or something like that ..

Daisies, Bluebells and a good book at bathtime

The classroom bear comes to visit and gets lots of hugs and special picnic

The Little one loves a cup of tea in the morning out of a jug and into a very small cup, Malteser milkshakes as a treat and smiley potato faces for tea … I love flowers (though I can’t arrange them very well) and beautiful spring blossom

And the next few are all about kids having fun.  First one at the playground during a family photo shoot (little one assisted on this one) and the next couple taken during a Children’s Photography course.

Back from my course and welcomed home with a sweet-related gift 🙂

Another example of “Magic White Board Art”.  This is a school playground – which includes a picnic table where a mummy sausage and a baby sausage are having some food .. because this is what sausages do !

It’s Mufti day at school which means fancy hairbands

Friends come for dinner and of course they are welcomed on arrival by a potato with a friendly greeting …. this is the way that all dinner parties begin .. isn’t it?  No ?  Just this house then !

I’m conned into buying shoes for the dog recently made at build-a-bear … shoes .. it was bad enough it had clothes ….

Lovely roses from lovely guests still looking and smelling gorgeous

All wrapped up warm at after a lovely bath

A trip to the park with three toothless models for some Art Portraits

We have a special butterfly habitat as a gift – the caterpillars arrived in the post – here they are getting bigger and bigger and will soon become crysallises .. we are going to watch them turn into butterflies over the next few weeks ..

The next few days involved a trip to Romania to photograph a good friends wedding.  Currently reading the Hunger Games Trilogy which is very addictive, Romania felt like home from home as I was sleeping a bedroom belonging to a 7 year old girl filled with cuddly dogs.  Great fun had at wedding although Whisky with breakfast was a bit much for me – but did like the local beer (though equally not for breakfast)

Flew back from Romania on my Birthday to lots of lovely cards and hundreds of facebook good wishes 🙂  One of the cards even looked like me !

I’ve been away a bit of late and felt the little one deserved a treat – here it is – she’s been dying for a trampoline for ever so was thrilled – watch this space for many trampoline images going forward.  And finally to round up May – little one with her doppleganger doll !

Photo of the day_to end of April

The photo of the day is still taking place everyday – its just that keeping the processing and blogging up to date is a bit harder !

So here are the images from 17th April to the end of the month ..

Trip to France to collect daughter results in discovery there is a new (very large) cuddly dog to join the clan

Trip home on the Eurostar – ipod staves off the boredom

Daughter tries on new woolly dog hat from Nepal …. bit freaky actually

Back to work photographing gorgeous 3 week old baby boy

Visit to the cousins and more importantly cousins dog … iphone gives her Alien eyes

Little one directed the next set of images – which mostly contain various cuddly dogs and Hugo (pronounced Oogo) the snail from the French class.

Little one takes some prayer flags and her new necklace with Buddhist inscriptions into school for show and tell

Photoshoot in the cold requires lovely hot chocolate at the end

The endless rain continues … one very bored little girl missing being outside

The rapeseed fields are out in bloom but shoots rained off yet again … so here’s the one we took this time last year

Wedding in Bedfordshire

Well – considering I don’t really photograph weddings, I’ve actually photographed a few recently.  Here are a selection of the images from a lovely chilled wedding I did recently at the Barns Hotel in Bedford.

Hope you enjoy them.

Wishing you both every happiness in the future.

Children’s Portrait Photographer in Hertfordshire

I specialise in children and baby photography in Hertfordshire.  Here are a few favourites from a recent session of a lovely little one year old near Hemel in Hertfordshire.  It was a pretty grotty day – so we took a few indoors but luckily the rain stopped and we managed to take a few in the couples beautiful garden.  Hope you enjoy them.

Today is Mummy’s Birthday so let’s start with a lovely Mum and Baby shot 🙂


Wedding Celebration in Romania

Occasionally I still photograph the odd wedding celebration and occasionally I get to do this for friends which is always lovely.  Its even more lovely to get to experience a different culture at the same time, so it was really fabulous to be able to visit Romania recently and photograph a blessing and party – there was fantastic food, lots of shots of a homemade drink called Pilenca, traditional dancing, a gorgeous cake, the groom doing a great little speech in broken Romanian, beautiful bride  and lots of fun had by all.   Here are a few of the highlights which give you a taste of the atmosphere.

It was a fabulous evening – looking forward to Round 2 [The English Wedding Ceremony] in September – to finish up a lovely shot of the happy couple dancing..