Monthly Archives: April 2012

366 Project_ Mothers Day

The project continues with a photo each day – as in I take them each day but don’t get around to posting them each day !   So here’s a whole batch starting on Mother’s Day with my beautiful roses from my little girl.  She also bought me licorice and toffees and other sweets – she knows me so well 🙂

Celebrating today because I received my Licenciate in Photography from the Master Photographers Association – really pleased.

Marker Pens – hours of fun !

Lovely flowers from a friend at the weekend are still going strong

Spring is in the air and lovely blossom everywhere and a few spring photos

The lovely weather is continuing so any excuse for a BBQ

Thinking about the importance of photos as memories and heirlooms today and how so many people don’t print pictures anymore but just keep them on their computers as jpegs.  Here are a few of my old photos …

Updating the to do list in the sunshine

Did a commercial photographic job today for a friend from Primary School that I haven’t seen for 34 years !   Really strange but nice and got us reminiscing about the rest of the class

Little one has gone on holiday with the grandparents but the dogs are keeping an eye on her room ..

Family Portrait Photography in Watford

I’ve been away for a short break – images to follow in due course – so I’m a bit behind on the blog.  Here are some images from a Spring shoot I did just before I went away.  This was a family portrait shoot in Watford with a gorgeous little 8 month old baby girl.  We started out in the house and then went for a walk to the park to check out the daffodils.

As I’ve said before – who needs a studio when you have window light 🙂

And a final shot in the daffodills – gorgeous family