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366 Project

Following the excitement of Pig Week – its back to normal with the 366 project and a picture of the gorgeous roses that my little one got me for Mother’s Day

Today was a special day for me – I passed my Photography Licenciate with the Master Photographer’s Association [this has a blog post of its own] but this was a good excuse for a glass of the bubbly stuff – a couple of images from my panel in this image

And today is all about the fun to be had with washable marker pens ….

Gorgeous tulips from lovely friend are still going strong

I love Spring !!  I love the daffodills and the blossom and the colours and way Spring makes you smile and feel cheered up after Winter – so the next few images are all about the Spring time

Photo of the day for Pig Week

I was invited to join something called “Pig Week” a few weeks ago – started by people that are fond of pigs and essentially it was a week about Pigs.  That was basically that – a bit vague, not too much detail beyond the Pig part … but it sounded entertaining, so I decided in honour of Pig Week I would make the photo of the day all about Pigs.

The friend that invited me to Pig Week had previously bought my daughter a really great Pig Bin but in a house where cuddly dogs have priority finding any other Pig-themed toys was tough.  Fortunately I had a couple in a bag for the charity shop and being disorganised I hadn’t taken them there yet so they got a reprieve …..

Day 2 of Pig Week and its all about the Gammon …

My daughter loves to draw on our magic white board – this was her own personal artists impression for Pig Week  … its a bunch of sausages running away from a knife and fork.  The second one is a sausage announcing that it was made by a pig 🙂

One of the pig toys sees a possible future …

Day 4 and the Pigs are getting a bit nervous

They decide to make a run for it …. but we catch them and reassure them they are safe

The last day of Pig Week coincides with St Patrick’s Day – so there is only one thing for it – joint Pig and Paddy’s Day celebration …

Spring Portrait Sessions near Olney _Milton Keynes

Spring is finally here and the last couple of days have been so beautiful I’ve been out and about snapping some spring portraits.  Spring is a fabulous time to have family portrait photos taken – the spring flowers are gorgeous.  Here are a few favourites of my little girl.

If you’d like some beautiful Spring portraits of your family get in touch.  I will be having a couple of days where I offer shorter mini-sessions with a fixed price bargain package on offer too – so keep an eye on the blog 🙂

Photo of the Day Project_366

Well I’ve not been very good at updating the blog with the photo a day project but I’m pleased to say that it is continuing – I’m taking a picture each day for the project but keeping up with the processing and blogging is taking a little time .. so here are the February and March images ….

Starting with dressing the little one for book week – when in an unprecedented non dog-related move she dressed as Gobbolino the witches cat

The snow was still here so we had great fun sledging

Next couple of days were pretty miserable so lots of indoor stuff like painting and cake making ..

Valentines Day – and I’m pretty happy with my heart shaped jelly beans 🙂

A few days of doing stuff for me and the business – starting with an incredible War Photography Exhibition in London – Don McCullin – Shaped by war – excellent but harrowing images.  Also a bit of walking to wear in my new boots, and a newborn baby posing workshop to learn now to safely do certain baby poses – many of which are photoshopped afterwards.  A great workshop.

So the weather is all over the place at the moment – going from biblical rain one day to sunshine the next – space hoppers and bubbles in the garden

At bedtime the dog army are on duty …

Then it was pancake day – and very exciting as the little one ended up taking part in the famous Olney Pancake Race – apparently the world oldest pancake race started in 1442 !  She had to wear a head scarf and was holding her pancake in the frying pan for dear life – she was even (briefly) on the evening news.  Grandma came to visit- so there’s a picture of reading time and following the pancake race we have a bit of an obsession with headscarves going on !

Little one insists on plaits that we have to leave in to make her hair curly… not just for one night but for two so the hair is really curly …. she also decides to make a fuss of a often forgotten toy  – her hobby horse.

Today we decided to create a special portrait that really sums up the little one – it therefore had to involve dogs – cuddly dogs – all the cuddly dogs she owns infact …

She also decided that she wanted a heart for her favourite cuddly dog “so he could be alive” and asked if I could get him a heart – tracked one down at Build A Bear

Tonight there seems to be a surfeit of onions in the house – I need to think of an onion-based dish for dinner I think !

The heart prompts a return visit to Build A Bear with little one in tow.   Funnily enough she opts to Build A Dog ….and the dog (complete with clothes – how ridiculous !) has to be taken into school the next day …

We are now into March – and now that the days are getting sunnier, the little freckles are starting to appear – I love these !

My new brochures arrive and look fantastic

Another rainy day and nothing beats playing with old fashioned toys – she’s had this wooden train set for a few years and still loves it.  Some members of the dog army break away and decide they to stand guard in a new place.

Another tooth makes a bid for freedom today (unfortunately the tooth fairy is a bit lax and forgets to come when she should to collect the tooth)

Dinner is made more exciting by impersonating works of art – today’s offering “The Scream”

The fairy gets her act together and turns up eventually

Its Pirate Day at School – and the little one gets fully into character

Little one makes a snack – I love the fact that the teddy crisps get a bed with a ham duvet.  I also love the fact that the little bear looks so happy – obviously has no idea he’s about to be eaten !

Family and Baby Portraits in Welwyn Hertfordshire

Here are a selection of images from a Family Portrait Shoot in Welwyn.  I completely adored this little fella – he had the most fantastic tuft of hair and a really lovely cheeky face.  There were lots of images to choose from – but here are a few of them .. such a cutie !

Ahh .. look at him – hope you enjoyed them 🙂