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Family Shoot in the Snow_Northamptonshire

Well the sun is shining beautifully today and it looks like spring out there – which makes it seem so long ago that everything was snow covered.  So a reminder today on the blog of those freezing temperatures and all the fun to be had with snow balls and sledges.

We had great fun messing around outside – but it was lovely to get into the warm and get some lovely shots of this gorgeous little fella – isn’t he the sweetest little thing ?

And finally a cute one with Mum & Dad

And a Mum and Baby shot which I love – look at his little face.  What a lovely family – it was really great meeting you all.

New Baby Portraits Northampton

A few portraits taken in Northampton of a new baby.  This lovely little girl was a little bit older than the newborn babies I usually photograph as they are best taken when the baby is under 2 weeks old.  This little one was older so less settled and sleepy but we still got some lovely shots of her curled up and snugging.

366 Project_Latest Images Northamptonshire

I haven’t blogged the daily photo for a while but I’ve been somehow managing to keep up with the project so here are the ones from 24th January up to today – February 9th  🙂

Firstly – stair surfing .. hours of fun.

Nothings says I love you like Haribo Hearts

One of the great things about having a little one is snuggling on the sofa reading together – rediscovering some of my  favourite books from when I was a child is an added bonus.

Friday night is often Cinema night – great excuse to cuddle and giggle on the sofa watching kids films

Visited an old friend this weekend – great to see that I’m not the only one with a child that collects tons of cuddly animals !

After a busy weekend – a Sunday Night cuddle

The slow slow ritual of eating breakfast can be made even slower when dogs become involved.

Little ones beanie hat is a bit too big and makes her look like a pointy headed nutter – which she found hilarious on the way to school.  When we got home she did a self portrait.  [NB – here’s the science bit … these were taken on iphone very fast before she removed the picture from the whiteboard and then badly photoshopped]

Little one dons her favourite headband for dinner with the Grandparents

Curly Wurly’s – always a treat for everyone 🙂

Bakewells requested as a Friday Night treat ..

So we are back to the weekend and a Saturday Night spent with the girls at Book Club

And the snow has arrived  – out comes the sledge and of course the smiley snow faces

Day 2 of the snow and the little one is playing snow balls as the light disappears outside .. look at the determination to do damage with a snowball

Somewhat icy now but the snow-man-penguin creature still survives …. just …

Something new to collect …. small hello Kitty toys ….. yet another thing to be conned into buying at the sweet shop.

So today the snow has solidified into rock hard ice on the ground and I somehow agree to take part in Cave Woman Conditioning – essentially a circuit training class in the freezing cold and snow … mmmm mad idea… however it was great fun.


Family Portraits Olney Milton Keynes

Blogging a lovely family portrait session in Olney, Near Milton Keynes in Buckinghamshire.  This family shoot was in November on a lovely bright warm Autumn day – the Autumn leaves were still around and we took the little chap for a walk around and a play in the leaves.  Here are a few of my favourites from this toddler portrait session in Olney.

I loved these orange berries that were growing over this fence so I decided to use this as a backdrop

We stopped by the playground for a bit of a play

Then it was time for a hug before heading home