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Portraits of Toddlers _ Bushey _ Hertfordshire

As I sometimes mention, being a portrait photographer in Northamptonshire, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire – one of the best things about the job is returning to see my customers and photographing their families as the children grow and change.   I last saw this lovely little girl when she was just a few weeks old and she is now a very funny chatty little toddler.

We wrapped up warm and went outside – the little one remembered there was a bubble machine in the garage so we go that out to play with …

These were taken before Christmas but as they were a surprise for the little girls mum from her very proud Grandma I couldn’t show them until now – here’s Granny and her lovely girl together 🙂

Photo A Day Project_Portrait Photographer Wollaston

Busy weekend when we had a bit of a family get together – I had the opportunity to take my lovely Niece shopping for clothes from Hollisters and the little one was able to spend time with her cousin whom she worships

Whilst waving them off on Sunday – I snapped these through the open front door – love these 🙂

And finally for today – the Amaryllis is now in full flower – lovely !


Photo A Day_ Family life

Latest pictures are about daily routine – sometimes family life is about work (photo of the day from 18th), sometimes its about the everyday routines … like bath time !

And sometimes its about getting to Friday evening and starting to wind down a bit 🙂

WIBN Business Networking_Photo A Day

Running your own business and fitting in everything else with the family involves lots of juggling.  So for today’s performance – I did the following.   Get organised for the day; Write new To-Do List on board – proceed to ignore it.  Make healthy soup (new year resolution to diet); shout at child to get washed, dressed, eat breakfast etc.. school run; reply to client emails; start bookkeeping – fail to continue; update facebook/twitter etc.. ; wash up; put washing on; download images from commercial photo shoot; tell self should be doing bookkeeping; call with possible client; Grab stuff for WIBN Networking meeting; run out of door flustered; attend meeting – with wonderful ladies; do a couple of business headshots at meeting; tear away from meeting in time for school pickup; make daughter change for dancing; do homework and reading with daughter while peeling potatoes and changing into gym clothes; take daughter to dance lesson; fail to go to gym (so much for new years resolution to get fit); process images while daughter dances; bring daughter home from dancing; get daughter in bath while sorting out dinner.  Dinner, book, bed (her not me sadly); put more washing on; start working again – process images; get dinner for other half – wish I was having same dinner as other half whilst instead plan to eat healthy soup; fail to eat healthy soup and pick at all manner of rubbish while making dinner, make calls; check emails; have medicinal Hot Toddy !

WIBN (Women in Business Network is an excellent means of promoting your business – its a chance to network with other inspiring and like minded women and generate business and referrals as well as supporting other members by referring business back to them.   The meetings consist of informal networking, a 1 minute chance to promote your business, a very nice lunch, women giving each other contacts as requested and testimonials and a business card swop.  I always manage to hold up the business card swop as all my cards have a different image on and people end up shuffling through to find a favourite.



Photo A Day _ Family Portraits Wellingborough

So in between taking my photos of families and newborn babies in Olney, Wellingborough, Wollaston and Northampton, I’m keeping up with the photo a day project – the pictures are being taken on the day but not always uploaded on the day – so bear with me.  🙂

Every year my little one has a Amaryllis and watches it grow and, in past years, get taller than her.  Usually this is in December and it grows and flowers in time for Christmas and New Year – this year we had it a little late so not only is she taller than the plant, but it has just started to flower – once one flower comes the others burst out within just a few days.  This was Sunday afternoon.

My new Magic Whiteboard which was bought to organise my life and work in a series of cunning To Do Lists has found a new purpose .. silly pictures and messages between members of the family mainly.  It was sporting a picture of a Sausage called Bernard for a few days but was replaced by his French Cousin Colin complete with Beret !

In the absence of a real dog we have an army of stuffed ones of all shapes sizes and colours .. occasionally one gets selected to take a trip out for the day in the school bag.