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New Baby Photos_Wembley_North London

I’m a newborn baby photographer in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Northamptonshire.  I occasionally travel further afield to take newborn baby photos.  This little angel was actually 4 weeks old but still very tiddly and still happy to curl up – although she much preferred keeping her babygro on – they are all different and its not always possible to get the unclothed shots.    It was lovely getting some Mum and Baby pictures too.  Speaking as an older Mother myself, I hope this little ones Mum won’t mind my saying she was starting her journey as a parent a little later in life (not that you’d know as she looked fabulous) but whilst all new babies are very precious sometimes when you’ve waited a little bit longer for your baby they are even more of a gift.

She was such a little sweetheart – with the most beautiful little face and fabulous eyelashes 🙂

Photography Training Northampton

What’s the famous saying – never work with children or animals .. not sure about the animals but I love working with Children and Babies and getting lovely images for their parents.  You do however need certain skills and a few tricks up your sleeve to get the best out of children and babies.  I’ve recently started to run 1-2-1 days for photographers wanting to improve their children’s photography.  These are 2 day training, guided shooting, portfolio building – call it what you will – days.  Its also great when I get to help someone who can help me out in areas where I’m a bit weak – in this case I had a recent session with a fabulous photographer who is used to weddings and does incredible wildlife and landscape work but was after a few tips on working with children of different ages.  In return he was able to give me some tips on workflow and processing. The following images are taken by me but are examples of the sort of shots you might get for your portfolio with one of the sessions.

We started out looking at the best ways to get great shots indoors – rainy as the UK is – location shoots cannot always be outside.  Here’s a couple of examples of how to get great images in someone’s front room with just some great natural window light.

It’s also great to look at what you can produce in someone’s back garden – making use of the environment.  This show the shot I’d set up on the right hand side.

As it was a good day and we were able to go outside – we made the most of using the Autumn colours for some great shots.  Kids also enjoy playing amongst the leaves so this is a great thing to do with them.

Babies and Toddlers are always great fun to photography.  Crawling babies especially move very fast so finding good spots to photograph them can be challenge.  The bed is a good option ..

As is anywhere you can keep them contained

Again – you can use the garden to get some nice shots – thinking about suitable backgrounds

And if you really need to keep them still in one place – there’s always the bath !!

Older boys are a good subject too – as they just want to tear about and you need to keep them occupied with a having stuff to do

And again – when you have the option to include elements of the season its great to do that

Finally – it can be really great to have a cooperative little girl – who is happy to pose and follow direction

You might be able to direct the shoot yourself – or occasionally the model might get excited and start to suggest poses of her own – such as the one on the right!

It’s a good opportuntity to get some great close up portraits for your portfolio

If you are interested in building your porfolio or getting 2 days of solid 1-2-1 time and tips on shooting images of children get in touch

Baby Photos in Northamptonshire_Castle Ashby

I’ve recently done a few photo sessions at Castle Ashby in Northamptonshire as this is a fantastic location and has beautiful gardens in which to do outdoor portrait sessions with families.  There are lots of great wet weather options – but I’ve been really lucky in the fabulous sunny Autumn weather that we’ve been able to stay outside in the sun for the whole session.   Here are a few from the session at Castle Ashby and a couple of the little fella at home.

Baby Photos in Olney_Milton Keynes

As you know I’m a newborn photographer much of the time and I love the little tiddly babies but I also love it when they get a bit bigger and their cheeky little personalities really start to shine through.  They love to explore things and the oddest things make them laugh.  This lovely little 8 month old girl was such fun to photograph – really cute and smiley.

The first shot I love as there is nothing more lovely than little babies with their chubby arms and cute little bums !

I just love these red leaves -they made a great backdrop

Autumn Photo Sessions Northampton_Book now

I love Autumn for lots of reasons.  When I was younger the Autumn colours and sunshine reminded me of returning to University for another new and exciting year.  Years later, when I was pregnant and my baby was due (my baby was born in November) I remember enjoying all the fabulous shades of Autumn as I waited to meet my baby wondering what he/she would look like.  As it happens I was convinced I was having a boy … so much for maternal instinct !

Now I love Autumn because my daughter starts to get excited about her party (anyone with a small child will relate to this – it can actually start a good six months before the actual birthday !)  I love Autumn because its a beautiful time of year, I love the changing of the seasons, and I love taking pictures of families amongst the Autumn leaves.

Here’s a handful of images from  Autumn shoots  – I hope you enjoy them 🙂

If you’d like an Autumn shoot with for your children or the whole family get in touch quickly before the sessions get booked or the colours fade