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Mother and Baby Portraits _ Fathers Day Gift Vouchers

Father’s Day is approaching and if you are stuck for a gift for the Dad who has buy fish augmentin everything, a Voucher from Siobhan Murphy Photography for a Portrait Session could make an ideal gift.  Dad could use the voucher to get some pictures of the whole family or perhaps he might want to use it for some beautiful portraits of the people closest to him …. some beautiful Mum and Baby portraits might make a wonderful present.

Or perhaps the session could be a chance for Dad to get a few pictures of himself with the family ….

Father’s Day is on the 19th June.  If you would like to buy a voucher for a Family Portrait Session or for Children’s Portraits in Buckinghamshire; Northamptonshire; Bedfordshire or Hertfordshire do get in touch.

Reasons to love France_Flashback Friday

This flashback relates to France and the fact that buy adderall atlanta a few Friday’s ago I was sitting in the French sunshine with the little one (in her sunhat) enjoying a glass of Vin Blanc and some rather good fromage.

My family have a house in France so we are lucky enough to be able to spend time there where the little one potters in the garden …


I also love being able to visit Paris – hang around near Notre Dame ….

Wander along the Seine …

Take a walk up to Monmartre and the Sacre Coeur – through the markets and the artist quarter …

I love when you get to the top at Sacre Coeur and you can see out across the whole of Paris ….

The little one often asks when she can next go to France as she finds it really relaxing ….

And even better – its like home from home – as she can enjoy the french version of her favourite thing ……. SAUSAGES !!

1 week old baby_Stevenage_Hertfordshire

Recently did a session with a little one that was sooooo new he still had the plastic clip on his belly button.  I visited just a week after his get high zantac birth to take some newborn portraits in ordertramadol Stevenage.  It as lovely to meet him and his very proud new parents.  He was such a gorgeous little model it was rather hard to choose images to blog – but here are a few favourites – hope you like them.

Special Days and Bluebells _ flashbackfriday

Today’s Flashback Friday relates to a special few photos taken last Friday.  Every year I have a special day with my daughter when I take her into the bluebell woods for a few photos for me to keep.  I take these each year – although I missed a couple in the beginning as I hadn’t thought of it the first year and was on holiday the next … however I am trying not to miss a year as we go on.

This is a great thing to do with your own children as you can see them grow and age, with something a little more interesting than the school photo – so no matter where you decide to go,  start when they are tiny,  pick somewhere and return to the same place each year…

So like I say these days are special – they are special (if a little bittersweet) to me as I can see how she changes and marvel at her progress and feel a stab of sadness and emotion about how fast the years are passing.  For her its special because we potter in the woods and pick the bluebells together  .. but really any day we spend together is special because as buy premarin in uk you will know all children spell the word LOVE … T-I-M-E ….

Here’s a selection over the last 4 years ….

And just to prove that it is true that Fairies and Unicorns live in the woods ……… I took them with us !

Location Portraits in Market Overton_Rutland

I love seeing clients again and seeing how the children are growing, so it was lovely to see this gathering of cousins for a second time and especially to see how much the littlest one had changed.  Part of the family live in the USA and visit the rest of the family in Rutland so I headed over to visit them recently.  The weather wasn’t the best (which after about 2 solid weeks of sunshine seemed bad luck) but it worked out fine and the children didn’t mind a few dark clouds.  I was delighted to see a wonderful big yellow rapeseed field as I drove into the village and everyone was more than happy to indulge my desire for a few pictures amongst the vibrant colour.  The children actually had a great time running around the field and we got some great shots.  Here’s a few as a sneek peek for you guys over there in buy ventolin inhaler tesco the States – full set to view is on its way !