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Newborn Baby Photos_Watford Hertfordshire

Newborn baby images are particularly special.  I love to take images when the baby is ideally less than 10 days old as they are still so curled up and position themselves much as they were in the womb.   I have photographed this family a few times and when the new baby was due I did a bump session for mum and then took pictures of the new baby and her big sister.  I particularly like the before and after new baby shot but also got some lovely can you buy synthroid over the counter newborn images – both sleepy shots and wide awake shots.  Here are some of my favourites – I hope you like them.

New Blog

I have been meaning to get a new blog up and running for some time and its now finalised.

The first post is from a Newborn session I did a short while ago for a lovely little 2 week old baby girl and her big brother.  Newborn Sessions can often take 2-3 hours to catch different moments and expressions on the baby’s (often sleepy!) face and this one was no exception.  It did however provide some buy allegra in bulk of my favourite newborn baby photos to date.  Newborn photos are taken in your own home to make the session as relaxing as possible for you and for your baby.

Here are a selection of images from the session – hope you like them …..